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We leverage conversations to propel business growth, one company at a time.

At WotNot, we are committed to helping businesses provide a superior customer experience by bringing the focus back on prompt and timely conversations. We put our customers’ needs at the forefront and work with them as partners, aligning with their business goals and ensuring that they succeed.

Our Story

How We Started

One of the long-term clients of our parent company approached us with a problem almost every business struggles with. Their limited customer support staff was inundated with calls every day, which led to extended wait times and increasing business expense. Poor customer experience was leading to a below-par brand image and a significant loss to the business.

So, we built a chatbot for them to address this worrying issue. Looking at the exceptional results they got, we decided to build an easy-to-use chatbot platform which would replicate the positive results for other companies across verticals.

Hence WotNot was born.

Since then, WotNot has been helping businesses cut costs and improve their customers’ experience. We take pride in our simplistic chatbot platform, which stands out in the crowd of complicated and technical chatbot services.


Mitul is the brain behind WotNot. With over 10 years of experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, he leads teams of software engineers and marketers to come up with chatbot solutions aligned with the client's industry.
Mitul Makadia
Founder & CEO
Hardik's crazy business development skills help WotNot acquire new customers and maintain excellent relationships with our existing clients. He also manages the design and product teams to build impactful features with great UX.
Hardik Makadia
Bikshita formulates and executes effective data-driven marketing strategies. When not evaluating trends, building brand awareness or conducting market research, you will find her enjoying a game of Scrabble with her friends.
Bikshita Bhattacharyya
Marketing Executive

The WotNot Timeline

October 2017

The Idea

A long term client of our parent company is worried about their extended customer wait times resulting in poor customer service and business losses. This sparks off the idea for WotNot.

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