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No more ADApting to expensive and complex chatbots. Easily build and manage your chatbots using a visual no-code bot builder that offers exceptional experiences - with the Ada chatbot alternative, WotNot.

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WotNot - The Best Ada Support Alternative

As a leading Ada support alternative, WotNot brings all the functionalities you need with a chatbot under a single platform. From a powerful visual no-code bot builder to a fully-functioning live chat feature and a powerful chatbot analytics function - this Ada support alternative truly has it all.

And not just this, coupled with our tailor-made approach towards building chatbots, we custom-build any missing feature on the chatbot that you might need to achieve your business goals.

WotNot is a single intelligent tool that can help automate your conversations and generate insights all in a single place. Here are some key reasons you should opt for this Ada AI chatbot alternative.

Reason #1

Reasonable costs for your chatbot needs

From being completely transparent towards its pricing plans and being a reasonable choice from a cost-benefit perspective, WotNot is definitely a better Ada support alternative. Even if you opt for our tailor-built package, our pricing starts at $25,000 a year, which is far more affordable and reasonable considering Ada’s monstrous $60,000 a year starting price.

Reason #2

Comprehensive and customizable chatbot analytics

We obsess over data and collect as much granular data as possible. Using this dataset, we render visualizations using our Analytics Dashboard with KPIs that are in line with the business objectives of an organization. If you need the data easily accessible using APIs or BI connectors or even want to build some custom KPIs, WotNot can do exactly all that for you.

Reason #3

Spend time and energy where necessary

Unlike Ada, WotNot is a very intuitive and easy-to-use tool. Being a visual interface to build your chatbot, you have a lot more visibility of how the conversation is flowing so that making changes is easy. On the other hand, with Ada, you have a very rigid interface of building the conversation flow the old-fashioned way. With this, your time to deployment is less than a few days with this Ada alternative.

Reason #4

Customize the look and feel of the chat widget the way you like

We understand and agree that every business is different, and as a result, every business requires the tools it uses to resemble its brand. With a chatbot, this becomes crucial as your customers/prospects would be spending time chatting with it on your website. WotNot offers you complete freedom by exposing the CSS properties for greater control in the customization of the chat widget.

Glance over this detailed comparison with the Ada chatbot alternative

wotnot comparison
ada comparison
Starting Planhelper icon
Seatshelper icon
Billing Frequencyhelper icon
Free Trialhelper icon
Transparent Pricing Planhelper icon
Cost for new seat helper icon
Setup & Support
Target Customershelper icon
All businesses
Enterprise only
Personalised Onboardinghelper icon
Implementation Servicehelper icon
On-premise Deploymenthelper icon
Custom Integrationshelper icon
Time to implementhelper icon
< 1 week
< 30 days
Training Sessionshelper icon
On-site Traininghelper icon
Managed Serviceshelper icon
SLA to requestshelper icon
< 8 hours
< 2 business hours
Time to respond to ticketshelper icon
Few hours
< 2 business hours
24/7helper icon
Unlimited Chatbotshelper icon
Template Repositoryhelper icon
Test Environmenthelper icon
No-code experiencehelper icon
Branding removalhelper icon
Chat widget customizationhelper icon
Facebook Messenger Channelhelper icon
WhatsApp Channelhelper icon
SMS Channelhelper icon
Invoke REST APIhelper icon
Rendering carouselshelper icon
Version Managementhelper icon
Auto Layouthelper icon
Create Subflowshelper icon
Broadcast messageshelper icon
Customized responseshelper icon
Customized templateshelper icon
Analytics Dashboard
Drill-down propertieshelper icon
Data export as CSVhelper icon
API Connectorshelper icon
CSAT Ratinghelper icon
Pipeline Generatedhelper icon
Custom KPIshelper icon
Integration with BI toolshelper icon
Weekly analytics reporthelper icon
Live Chat
Live Chathelper icon
Seatshelper icon
Saved Replieshelper icon
Advanced Filteringhelper icon
Related Conversationshelper icon
APIshelper icon
Labelshelper icon
Team Routinghelper icon
Mobile Apphelper icon
Third-party Integrationshelper icon

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