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Transform User Experience with a Customer Service Chatbot

How many times have you visited a company website, and you’re greeted with a customer service chatbot message that read, “Hey, I’m so glad you’re here! Tell me, what do you need help with?” That’s it. Sometimes, that’s all it takes for the visitors to stay on the website and improve their experience. Is it […]

What’s new with WotNot- Product updates April 2021

WotNot has a range of new features for its users! At WotNot, we’re constantly striving to make bot-building less complicated while enhancing our product’s functionalities and integrations. The core goal of these updates is to enable faster and more efficient bot creation that facilitates heightened scalability. WotNot has worked towards building a delightful experience for […]

Chatbot Market and Current Important Statistics

If you asked someone in 2019, “what do you think of chatbots?” you’d probably get mixed opinions, owing to the lack of openness to digitization. But the hardships of 2020 changed many perspectives. Chatbots worked miraculously amidst business closures in providing the right information to customers when they needed it. It has been an exceptional […]

Difference Between a Chatbot and Conversational AI

How many times have you used chatbots and conversational AI interchangeably? Let me guess; you’re probably thinking, were they any different?  I wouldn’t really blame you. On the surface, these two terminologies appear similar. Their core value is to enhance customer experience through automated conversations. However, their differences lie in how they achieve their goal.  […]

Conversational Marketing – A Comprehensive Guide

To be successful, every business requires a constant flow of leads coming into their sales funnel, along with a way to efficiently qualify those leads without any wastage of time. Unlike the traditional marketing tactics adopted by B2B companies earlier, such as lead capture forms, emails, and more, marketing personalization has become industry-standard in 2021.  […]

Why Conversational Commerce is the Next Best Thing in eCommerce?

‘Personalization’ is the new buzzword in eCommerce shopping experiences. 49% of consumers believe that they would buy additional products if their online shopping experience were personalized. However, despite the need, companies were hand-tied technologically. Replicating a physical buying experience was a challenge until the introduction of conversational commerce in eCommerce. What is Conversational Commerce?  The […]

How to Use Airtable for Conversational Commerce?

Before we dig deep into the topic, let’s first understand the title’s two most important terms. Conversational commerce – A method of selling (upselling and cross-selling) products using conversations.  Airtable – A tool that eCommerce vendors generally use as their central repository. An all-in-one database that encompasses all your listing, your order bases, and everything. […]

Why Is White Labeling Of Chatbot Software A Great Business Opportunity For A Marketing Agency?

Valued at $17.17 billion in 2020 and projected to reach a whopping $102.29 billion by 2026 (registering the CAGR of 34.75%), the growth of the chatbot market has been nothing short of phenomenal. With the new normal kicking in, chatbot adoption has increased dramatically. The chatbot market has exposed the shortcomings of having a completely […]

Guide to Chatbot Reselling

Coming up with new software ideas is not so much of a challenge as executing them is. Instead, the best and the fastest way to implement an idea is to white label it. In the SaaS industry, white label is still a new practice. But it is swiftly gaining momentum primarily because of its ability […]

7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate

Did you know that Social Media was the highest lead generator for real estate agents, followed by ILS sites and aggregator sites? According to the National Association of the Realtors, 52% of multifamily home buyers found their homes on the internet. With the proliferation of digital marketing, real estate agents and developers don’t have a […]

The Intersection of Phone Systems and Chatbots

Of all the chatbot uses discussed at WotNot — including how it can help generate leads and its usefulness in specific markets like healthcare — one aspect of this technology that’s often overlooked is how well chatbots and phone systems interact. Chatbots make an excellent starting point for companies that want to begin offering customer […]

6 Factors to Consider before Marketing your Multifamily Property on ILS

The Internet has been the new buying place for multifamily properties for a while now, and Internet Listing Services (ILS) are leading the online property buying sales. ILS has become the biggest property market online, and every year it’s renting millions of multi-property homes.  Maybe you’re thinking; I have a well-established multifamily property website. Why […]

Why is a Chatbot Important for a Property Management Software?

As a Property Management Software company, consider all the solutions you provide- managing leasing applications, streamlining maintenance requests, keeping track of rental payments, etc. I’m sure you know that most of your solutions are heavily dependent on seamless two-way communication. When you are targeting to provide the best-automated solutions, it is you that first need […]

5 Insanely Successful Real Estate Website Marketing Ideas

Extra-ordinary. That’s what your real estate website needs to be. Because having a website for your real estate business is more than just a medium of an online presence. According to the National Association of Realtors, 52% of homebuyers in the USA purchased real estate through the internet in 2019. This figure puts enough emphasis […]