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The Intersection of Phone Systems and Chatbots

Of all the chatbot uses discussed at Wotnot.io — including how it can help generate leads and its usefulness in specific markets like healthcare — one aspect of this technology that’s often overlooked is how well chatbots and phone systems interact. Chatbots make an excellent starting point for companies that want to begin offering customer […]

6 Factors to Consider before Marketing your Multifamily Property on ILS

The Internet has been the new buying place for multifamily properties for a while now, and Internet Listing Services (ILS) are leading the online property buying sales. ILS has become the biggest property market online, and every year it’s renting millions of multi-property homes.  Maybe you’re thinking; I have a well-established multifamily property website. Why […]

Why is a Chatbot Important for a Property Management Software?

As a Property Management Software company, consider all the solutions you provide- managing leasing applications, streamlining maintenance requests, keeping track of rental payments, etc. I’m sure you know that most of your solutions are heavily dependent on seamless two-way communication. When you are targeting to provide the best-automated solutions, it is you that first need […]

5 Insanely Successful Real Estate Website Marketing Ideas

Extra-ordinary. That’s what your real estate website needs to be. Because having a website for your real estate business is more than just a medium of an online presence. According to the National Association of Realtors, 52% of homebuyers in the USA purchased real estate through the internet in 2019. This figure puts enough emphasis […]