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Guide to Chatbot Reselling

Published by Hardik Makadia on 24-Mar-2021

Coming up with new software ideas is not so much of a challenge as executing them is. Instead, the best and the fastest way to implement an idea is to white label it. In the SaaS industry, white label is still a new practice. But it is swiftly gaining momentum primarily because of its ability to allow small businesses to compete with industry giants.

Why white-label?

Not every business possesses the resources to launch a new product and make it readily available in the market. To add a product offering the conventional way, consider the process you’ll have to follow: You’ll need to invest in research, get a development & design team on board, build the product, get it tested and verified, and invest in its maintenance. Needless to say, the process is time-consuming and stressful.

Opting for a White-label software solution is a win-win situation. A reseller can quickly add a product to its offering and brand it without any development, and a seller can increase its sales and generate more revenue. In the simplest terms, the product/software here is developed by one company, and it is branded and sold under different names by resellers.

Understanding the Chatbot market

Conversational marketing is taking a new form with the introduction of automated conversational tools that you can integrate into your website and even your social media handles. If you have a website, you need a chatbot. If that’s not the rule now, it will soon be because most businesses use bots to initiate a dialog and enhance customer engagement. It is also predicted that by 2024, the global chatbot market is projected to be $994 million.

Source: research.aimultiple

Why should I become a Chatbot Reseller?

Glad you asked. With numerous companies that are pioneers in software offerings, it is often challenging to compete. White label software solutions are happening, but the reason chatbots stand out is because of their simplicity and adaptability. By becoming a chatbot reseller, you not only save the cost of building a chatbot platform from the ground up, but you also understand the software because of its code-free UI and easy deployment.

Expand your tech stack

By becoming a chatbot reseller, you can avail a fully developed product and sell it immediately. You can give your branding, your pricing, and your domain name. The whole point of White labeling is to rebrand the product and “sell it as your own.” Diversifying your product portfolio increases your credibility and allows you to cater to the market demand without worrying about building the product from scratch.

Entering the Conversational AI market

Currently, 79% of the top-performing businesses have already installed some conversational marketing tool to generate higher leads in the past three years. It is the perfect time to leverage this opportunity and offer a product that the market is demanding. Customers today want to have direct contact with you rather than going through the process of filling a form and getting a call. AI-based chatbots are the go-to tools to communicate with customers on digital platforms. They are fast, direct, and responsive. With conversational AI, you get a chance to provide a humane consumer experience using instant messaging.

Monetary benefits 

Reduce expenditure

Increasing your tech stack is essential, as mentioned, but that also requires high investment. You want to offer a chatbot service, but you’re technically and financially bound. In this case, your best bet is to white-label a chatbot. This can eliminate the expenditure of developing the chatbot, providing salaries to the full-time employees, and offering technical support.

Increase Revenue

New product offering means a new source of revenue. When you white label a chatbot like WotNot, you’re in charge of the pricing you want to keep. You can also provide customized pricing to your clients and decide which all features you want to offer.

Targeting new customers

Chatbots are used in all sectors; real estate, healthcare, eCommerce, manufacturing, etc. It’s not a software that is specific to an industry. When you white label WotNot, you will be attracting clients from all these sectors regardless of their size or location. You can also develop multi-lingual chatbots on WotNot; hence, it allows you to penetrate even in regional markets. Chatting is a very regular and humane activity. Everyone understands this medium, and it’s easier for you to pitch new clients because of its wide use.

Reducing the risk of failure

You may have the determination, resources, and even the time to build a chatbot software from scratch. But a first-time attempt doesn’t always guarantee success. When you become a chatbot reseller, you’re getting to use a product that has already witnessed success previously. It has been updated and tested for the current market use. Therefore, you rely on experienced professionals to deliver a highly effective chatbot while you can focus on your core offerings.

How can WotNot help?


Your customers trust your brand and want you to provide them end-to-end solutions. This is why branding is the most crucial component of white label. You can white-label WotNot and give it your name, brand sentiment, tone, logo, and customize the bot that suits your image. As far as your customers are concerned, the product is yours. The trust is intact, and so is the consumer experience.


As a reseller, you aren’t just saving time & money on research and development but also getting access to all the core features of WotNot. You can provide your clients with a no-code bot builder, templates, integrations, and an omnichannel presence. An added benefit of becoming a chatbot reseller for WotNot is that we can tailor-make the product for you according to your needs and preferences. You are free to demand new features that you think are more useful for your offering.

Tech Support

Reselling helps you scale your operations because you don’t have to worry about the tech support and its costs.  WotNot will help you with your strategic plan of growth and cater to providing end-to-end technical support relating to product customization, branding, and integrating chatbots onto different platforms.

Chatbot reselling is for everybody- whether you’re a marketing agency, a SaaS start-up, a tech consultant, a web development agency, or a software company. WotNot is experienced in partnering with different industries and can cater to your specializations. Considering the growing need for two-way communication channels with customers and companies, the demand for chatbots is growing, and you need methods to address them. White labeling WotNot is the most reliable and fastest way to fulfill your clients’ demands. So next time you wonder whether you want to white label chatbot, ask yourself, “Do I want to be just a client or an owner?”

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