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Product Updates - August 2022

Published by Hardik Makadia on 01-Sep-2022

WotNot’s chatbot-building experience is amazing, but it can always become better. This is the philosophy that we firmly believe in and also put into practice. With an expanding clientele and their diverse and complex needs, we always look forward to innovations that ultimately make WotNot a platform loved by all.

With this same spirit, we have come up with a few major updates for August. Eager to see what they are? Then keep reading this article where we have explained each update in great detail.

Meta WhatsApp Cloud API Support

As soon as Meta announced its WhatsApp Cloud API support on the 19th of May, we were flooded with our client's requests for Meta’s support on WotNot.

And guess what? We heard you.

In our latest update, we have included ‘Meta’ as a WhatsApp API provider. Now, you can directly configure your Meta associated WhatsApp account on WotNot.

With this, you no longer have to bear the cost of hosting the APIs, as Meta allows you to access the WhatsApp Cloud API for free.

Testing APIs Within 'Service Call'

This update will surely bring a smile to all the developers as now they can set up and test APIs on WotNot more productively and efficiently. Earlier, to test an API, developers had to create the entire chat flow and then deploy it to see if the API was working as intended or not.

In case it didn’t work properly, they had to make changes in the API and then again deploy it to check if the corrections worked or not. This trial and error method was time-consuming. To make this process faster and more efficient, we came up with our latest update, where developers can test APIs within the service call without deploying the chatbot.

Now, you just have to set up an API in the service call and test whether it is working or not. If it doesn’t work, you can make changes in the service itself. You can keep making changes until the API functions the way you want. This feature eliminates the to and fro process of deployment and redeployment of chatbots.

Furthermore, you can also view the fields resulting from the API testing and save them for future use in the chatbot flow.

Zapier Integration

Integration requests always top the chart every month for us. That is the reason why we keep rolling out tool integrations monthly. But, even then, it is not enough as the number of requests is too high and varied.

But that doesn’t stop us from making our clients happy. This time we have come up with an integration that will delight most of our clients.

Yes, the Zapier integration is finally here.

Users can use this integration to integrate data collected from your chatbot on WotNot with any third-party system supported by Zapier (5000+ apps). In addition, one major advantage of Zapier integration is that users can get access to a lot of apps that we currently don’t support natively.

That’s all for this month's updates. Stay tuned to this space for more upcoming updates!

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