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Why Marketing Agencies Must Go for White label Chatbots?

October 6, 2022

Bhavyadeep Sinh Rathod

Content Editor, WotNot

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The world is undergoing a massive digital shift. Everything today is digitized – the way we shop, pay, travel, and even interact. Yes, the shift is so massive that digitized interactions have taken precedence over the traditional ones.

Chat has certainly emerged as the simplest, fastest, and the most preferred medium for communication. And chatbots have emerged as the frontier of this communication revolution.

The size of the chatbot market itself hints at how big this digital shift is. According to a report, the global chatbot market was valued at $525.7 million in 2021. And the market size is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.7 % from 2022 to 2030.

Not only this, there are various other chatbot market stats that indicate the sheer dominance of chatbots like:

  • Chatbots will handle 75-90% of queries by 2024 - CNBC

  • Over 50% of enterprises will spend more money on building chatbots than on traditional mobile app development - Gartner

  • 70% of white-collar workers will interact with a chatbot daily by 2022 - Gartner

The chatbot opportunity is for everyone. But if there is one industry that can make the most of it, it is arguably the marketing agencies.

Chatbots are a natural fit for marketing agencies which helps them to enrich their offerings to their customers.

Many agencies are aware of this already, which is why they are heavily investing in this technology by enrolling their staff in conversation design courses like Conversation Design Institute.

These courses help them to master bot design. Along with that, they also aim to strike a white label chatbot partnership to start a brand new suite of offerings under their brand name.

To know more about this, keep reading this article, where we will discuss how marketing agencies can offer chatbots to their customers and how you can do the same.

How Are Marketing Agencies Offering Chatbots to Their Customers?

Chatbots have become a new favorite for marketing agencies across the globe. It is because chatbots perfectly blend in with their other offerings, enriching their entire service package. In addition, it also unlocks so many revenue-generating opportunities with its wide range of use cases like lead generation, customer support, appointment booking, etc.

Let’s have a look at how marketing agencies are leveraging chatbots to boost their profits.

1. A New Source to Capture Leads for Your Clients

Lead generation is a tricky job, especially when you are doing it for multiple clients. To achieve the best results, you must have a maximum number of lead generation strategies at your disposal. Having more sources to capture leads will ultimately lead to more leads.

Also, as a marketing agency, what you need is a reliable lead generation strategy that can bring in numbers on a consistent basis for your clients. If you’re bringing in consistent leads, your partnership with your client will remain stronger for a longer period of time.

Chatbots come as a refreshingly new and reliable source of lead generation for your clients. With this, you can hit your lead generation targets more often than not. This makes chatbots a rich source of recurring revenue for your marketing agency.

2. Improve the Effectiveness of Your Performance Marketing

Currently, performance marketing is leveraging ads since they are the fastest way for new startups and enterprises to generate leads and pipeline. However, if not planned and executed well, they can often end up being a money-eating strategy that bears little to no fruits.

This is because, as a marketing agency, you must first test ads by running several variations of it simultaneously to see which one works the best. This is a cost-consuming exercise for any company.

Secondly, even if an ad succeeds, the chances of it causing a serious number of conversions are quite low. Forms do help, but it is not enough.

What if a customer lands on your page through an ad but never scrolls down to reach the form? This reactive nature of forms and ads makes them a less effective performance marketing strategy.

Here, chatbots can emerge as a more effective alternative. It saves time, money, and boosts lead generation in quick time. In addition, unlike forms, bots stay on the screen despite users scrolling the page.

Also, chatbots proactively reach visitors with a pop-up having a welcome message. It asks customers about their phone numbers, and email IDs, making it a simpler and more effective way to generate leads than those lengthy forms. 

3. Offer a Personalized Experience to Your Client’s Customers

Today, personalized experience is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Users expect businesses to address them by their name or interact with them in their native language. They also expect them to converse, keeping the context of their industry verticals intact.

Offering a personalized experience has proven to yield better results for businesses. The below stats prove this:

  • 75% of consumers are keener to buy from brands that offer personalized experiences

  • 52% of consumers want all the offers from brands to be personalized

  • 97% of marketers have seen a spike in the results due to personalization

Chatbots offer several ways to offer personalized customer experience. Let’s explore them one by one.

a. Using Account Based Marketing

Chatbots come with a range of account-based marketing applications. They have the ability to utilize intent signals, audiences, segmentation, and personalization.

Here, the chatbot knows about the company/industry of the user and thus takes the appropriate conversation flow. This means that the chatbot addresses the user with their name and the organization they belong to.

In addition, customers also have a dedicated representative. For example, if there is a human handover for any customer, that representative will become a dedicated representative for that customer.

So, in the future, if there is a human handover, that dedicated representative will only be assigned to that customer.

Using chatbots for ABM has proved to be a game changer for marketing agencies. The below data shows how businesses have benefitted from ABM chatbot solutions:

  • 700% increase in target account engagement

  • 300% faster response time

  • 250% more leads than traditional website

  • 300% increase in lead volume 

b. IP Reveal Tools

IP reveal tools enable marketing agencies to offer a personalized experience. With this, you know from which organization the users belong. Thus, the chatbot can initiate a conversion by mentioning their name and taking them through a personalized conversation tree.

For example, the above personalized message is a great way to start off a conversation.

c. Returning Visitor

Marketing is all about taking the users on a journey that starts from them knowing your brand to them buying it. Here, continuity is of the essence as each user is pushed through various stages of marketing like awareness, interest, desire, and action.

Chatbots help your customers to maintain this continuity. They take the relevant tree by knowing the stage at which the user has reached. This means that every time a user speaks with the bot, the bot remembers how much the user knows.

Bot also remembers which stage the user has reached (meaning the AIDA funnel of marketing). Based on this information, they take users to the next tree whenever they return to the site.

Let’s take an example to understand it in a better way. Suppose a customer, Mr. Stark, visited a real estate site to see some residential property. He browsed some 3 BHK flats near area Y a few days ago.

This is the conversation followed when the user returned to the site after three days.

Here, the bot remembered what the customer was looking for in their last session. Based on that data, it offered them a curated list to make their property searching experience rich and seamless.      

4. Running Contests for Festive Seasons

Today, many marketing agencies use chatbots to run amazing global contests. There are several ways you can do it. Some of them are:

a. Contest With a QR Code

QR codes leading to chatbots beautifully bridge the gap between offline and online marketing. Many companies use them in outdoor advertising, trade fairs, in stores, etc. to attract new customers. This is exactly what Desperados did.

They used QR codes for their “The Playable Bottle” campaign. Here, once the user scans the QR code on the beer bottle, they get redirected to a Facebook Messenger Chatbot.

In this chatbot, the users can compose their own music on an automatically assigned instrument. Moreover, they could also join other participants to form bands.

b. Chatbot Quiz

Chatbot quiz is the phenomenon that many marketing agencies employ to engage their clients' customers. These quizzes are an effective alternative to a product selection article. You can implement endless ideas through a chatbot quiz.

Let’s take a real-world example to understand its working in a better way.

Psyche created a chatbot quiz that was used for Armani during their immersive festival. Here, the agency has created installations with 360-degree videos that were connected by special routes. Interactive screens were also installed at each stop that were waiting for participants.

All of these were complemented by a contest quiz on a chatbot. This chatbot would ask context questions that are synchronized with the watched content.

5. Making SMS Outreach Two-way

Outbound marketing is one of the key offerings of a marketing agency. However, the mode of outreach is mostly one way when it comes to outbound SMS.

Generally, the copy in the SMS includes a call to action and a URL. The one-way mode restricts creativity and various marketing possibilities in the SMS copy.

But no more. With the help of chatbots, marketing agencies can create outbound campaigns with two-way SMS.

This gives them the creative liberty to draft the copy the way they want without any inhibitions which they earlier experienced. This eventually leads to increased engagement.

Two-way SMS outreach has several use cases like:

a. Booking Confirmation

Agencies can use two-way SMS to set up appointments and confirm bookings. Here, customers can set up appointments and confirm bookings with keyword responses.

Even if a customer has booked an appointment through a different medium, you can still send a follow-up or a reminder text message for booking confirmation. This is a game changer as SMS appointment reminders reduce no-shows by 38%.

b. IVR Alternative

IVR menus are annoying. No matter how good they are, customers have to bear the pain of listening to the entire menu first before making any decision.

This results in higher waiting periods which are merely tolerable. Thus, two-way SMS presents itself as a better alternative.

Here, customers can text keywords to different numbers to get a response from the support rep in the form of a text message. In addition, customers can also receive a click-to-call link that connects them to a support rep.

6. Increase Website’s Average Dwell Time

The amount of time your visitor spends on your website directly impacts your page’s SEO. So you must engage your site visitor to increase your website’s average dwell time.

A chatbot can do that by interacting with your visitors and providing them with a pleasant website experience.

It can answer their basic queries, provide them with crucial information, and ultimately generate leads through interaction.

7. Improve Brand Experience

Recently, brand experience has become vital for every business. Especially after Covid, businesses have become quite vigilant in offering consistent and rich brand experiences online and offline.

Here, chatbots can play a significant role. Chatbots improve brand experience by:

i. Language

Chatbots speak in the language of the visitors, making them feel valued. It also uses millennial and GenZ lingo to connect with them at a higher level.

ii. Design

Chatbots can help you to establish characters like a mascot to get a longer recall value. In addition, you can also customize the design to increase engagement.

iii. Brand consistency

Chatbots help you to achieve brand consistency with brand colors, mission, themes, and tone of voice.

iv. Tone

You can choose a tone of communication like professional, witty, friendly, etc. as per your target audience. This will help in achieving better engagement.

Why Should a Marketing Agency Consider White label Chatbots?

It won't be wrong to say that chatbot is a golden goose for marketing agencies like you. But the key here is how you approach obtaining it.

This begs the question, which is the fastest and smartest way to get chatbots in your service package? And the answer is — White label chatbots. But why?

Let’s find out why the white label is the best option.

1. Keep Your Brand at the Center of All Your Offering

Being a marketing agency, you offer several services to your customers. Adding a chatbot white label to those services allows you to keep your brand in the center of all your offerings.

It allows you to create an ecosystem of all your services and products. This ecosystem offers consistency, synchronization, and higher productivity which makes it quite difficult for clients to go elsewhere.

Especially with products plugged in, chatbot white label increases the longevity of your term since it is not easy to migrate from one product to another.

In addition, it helps you build a positive perception of your business in your customers’ minds. It is simple psychology, when customers see your name on various products, they will tend to believe that you are a reliable business.

2. Additional Revenue Source

With a white label chatbot, you can transform into becoming a white label chatbot agency. With this, you can go beyond the horizons of offering common marketing services like website development, ads management, social media management, etc.

White label chatbot agency open a whole new and recurring revenue source for your marketing agency. Here is a table that shows how much money you can make with white label chatbots.

Moreover, the addition of chatbots in your existing marketing services makes your entire service package lucrative to your customers. More importantly, it increases your chances of closing bigger clients with enterprise chatbot solutions.

3. Ready-made Solution

With a white label chatbot platform, you get a ready-made platform that can deliver solutions to your clients’ problems. This means you do not have to invest a ton of time and effort that would otherwise go into building it from scratch.

Another advantage is that a white label chatbot is a tested and trusted chatbot solution. This means you again save time that would otherwise go into testing the product.

Here, you can directly resell chatbot to your clients without worrying about managing or maintaining it.

4. Time to Market

The common business wisdom says that any industry which is in its nascent stage has a huge significance of a first-mover advantage.

Since conversational marketing and chatbots are in their nascent stage, you can take the first mover advantage by quickly launching your white label chatbot agency.

Here, time is of the essence. Since white label chatbots have less time to market, it enables you to take the first mover advantage.

5. Easy to Scale

With a white label chatbot platform, you can manage all your customers with a single login. This makes it easy for you to bring in new customers.

The key is to find a recipe for success. It can be a chatbot for a particular use case or for a particular industry. Once you crack that recipe, you can pitch it to new customers for nominal fees or even free.

Once the chatbot starts delivering results, you can upsell them more services and charge them more. You can also create various chatbot templates as per your customer base.

For example, a chatbot template for appointment booking, lead generation, contests, etc. Once you create it, you can pitch to your customers and bring them on board quickly.

This is also vital as marketing agencies spend a lot of time serving a single client. With white label chatbot software, you can manage several clients in a quick time.

6. Offering Tailor-made Solutions

Whitelabeling chatbots doesn’t mean you are just limited to selling chatbots only. You can also build a solution on top of the chatbot and sell it to your customers.

This opens a whole new realm of possibilities. Thus, you can target a large range of customers. Let’s see a real-world case study to understand it in a better way.

One of our clients recently white-labeled WotNot to sell a solution to their customer. Our client saw that often there is no way to address a user’s query on brochures, flyers, and other marketing collaterals.

Our client saw this challenge as a business opportunity and came up with an idea to make brochures talk.

They wanted to add a QR code to the brochure such that, whenever anyone scans that code, they are redirected to a chatbot on SMS.

First, it sends an SMS to the number then the chatbot initiates the conversation. Thus, anyone can resolve their queries by asking questions to the chatbot via SMS.

7. Low Investment, High Returns

Every business is looking for a low investment and high return strategy. By starting a white label chatbot agency, you will have one at your disposal.

When you resell or white label chatbots, your only investment is the time and effort that you put up to build solutions using a ready-made chatbot platform. And in return, you can charge subscription fees from all your clients.

As time goes by, you will get a better understanding of what is selling more and what is not. With this knowledge, you can easily scale to more clients and increase revenue.

How WotNot Can Help You Start Your White label Chatbot Journey

WotNot is a leading chatbot platform that has been empowering marketing agencies worldwide with its white label partnerships.

Over the span of 5 years, WotNot has helped over 3000 customers. We have more than 20,000 companies who rely on our chatbots for automating their conversations.

There are several reasons that put WotNot a notch ahead of everyone else. Let’s have a look at these one by one.

1. Powerful Product

WotNot is a powerful chatbot building platform that is packed with advanced features like:

a. Bot Builder

WotNot’s bot builder makes bot building easy, fast, and fun. Here, anyone with a non-tech background can create and deploy bots within minutes as it involves no coding. One just needs to create various action blocks and make a conversation flow, and that is it.

With this bot builder, one can create both inbound and outbound bots and that too on multiple channels.

It also comes with various utility tools and curated templates, which further eases the bot building process and enhances productivity.

b. Analytics Dashboard

We have one of a kind analytics dashboard that helps you to visualize performance with various business-centric KPIs and data points like:

  • Weekly reports that showing chatbot’s performance in the week.

  • Pipeline generated by the chatbot.

  • Engagement data that shows blocks that were favored and caused large drop-offs.

  • CSAT ratings that shows how helpful the chatbot is.

    These data points offer crucial insights and help you to take data-driven business decisions.

    c. Live Chat

    Our advanced live chat features enables businesses to manage customer communication across channels along with scaling real-time support. With this, they can deliver rich conversational experiences with correct responses at the right time.

    Other key benefits of our live chat feature include:

    • Routing conversations to the right teams

    • View enriched visitors’ properties

    • Omnichannel interface to view all conversations

    • Efficient lead management

    Also Read: Top 9 White Label Live Chat Software to Resell in 2023

    2. Instant Delivery

    We understand well that the reason you chose to go for a white label chatbot agency is that you want to launch your chatbots instantly.

    We deliver you exactly that by delivering you your white label chatbot platform in a week. No matter what customization or requirements you have for the chatbot, we deliver to you in a week.

    And even if there is a sizable change required, our team of 190+ engineers can get the job done quite swiftly.

    3. Regular Updates

    At WotNot, we believe in the principle of growing along with our partners. For this, we listen to our clients’ grievances & demands and work on them to offer solutions in the form of updates.

    We don’t keep these improvements or updates limited to us. Instead, we roll it out to all our white label chatbot partners, empowering them to grow at a faster pace.

    Our partners receive these regular updates every fortnight without them having to do anything for that.

    Moreover, you can also put forward your requirements and query. Our team will go through it and provide a solution to it in the form of a new update.

    4. Product Support

    Having a white label chatbot software with your brand is not the end of the story. Here, you require constant support and maintenance to overcome tough scenarios that you may face while servicing your clients’ projects. This is where WotNot shines and stands apart from its competitors.

    We have a team that offers instant support 24x7, ensuring that you are never stuck on anything. Moreover, our dedicated team also assists you to build bots and come up with new features.


    Chatbots are the new age shift, and there is no doubt about it. In the 2000s it was the website, in the 2010s, it was social media platforms, and in the 2020s will be the decade of chatbots. If you as a marketing agency who doesn’t cash on this opportunity then you may find it difficult to sustain and compete with your competitors (who would have included chatbots in their offerings).

    Simply put, 

    • Chatbots are a golden opportunity for your marketing agencies

    • White label is the best way to get them

    • And WotNot is the best white-label chatbot partner you can ask for

    So, what is still stopping you? Start your white label chatbot journey with WotNot today. For more details, contact us or schedule a demo.


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