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Build and create powerful chatbots with no code. Engage visitors and enhance customer experience in real-time, across multiple channels using our no-code bot builder.

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What makes our Bot Builder cool?

Building bots can be intimidating with code, but using a no-code bot builder can make it look so easy and simple for anyone.

Curated Templates

Get inspiration using our curated templates to jump-start your bot building.

Utility Tools

Make use of tools like version control, undo-redo, auto layout to make you more productive.

Manage your bots

As you grow you'll have more and more bots to manage. Manage them easily with our interface.
Symphony Limited - Testimonial
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The chatbot is truly well integrated with our internal processes. Our sales team and marketing teams are really happy with the over 50,000+ MQLs that the bot is generating organically.

Chandradip Paitandi

DGM - Marketing

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Bot management made easy

Assemble your bots from WhatsApp, Web, Facebook and other channels right in one place. Clone, rebuild and deploy a bot based on your needs.

What’s in the box?

All the tools you need to create personalized and engaging conversational experiences.

Auto-save changes

Never lose your changes. Pick up where you left off with auto-save.


Lost in the 7th sub-branch of your conversation flow? Get a bird’s eye view of your entire customer journey through the map.

Version Control

Keep track of all the changes you make, and fall back to previous versions whenever you want.

Undo Redo

Go back and forth with any change you make, making it easy for you to try out different flows.

Auto Layout

Clean up the canvas with a magic wand. Swish and flick!


Increase Engagement with Triggers

Offer a more personalized experience by initiating a dialogue based on the context and conditions you set. Converse with visitors when they are on your pricing page, or speak a certain language, or when it is Christmas time.

Conditional Branching

Relationships start with conversations. We help you maintain that, because not all your visitors are alike. Design and deploy different conversational strategies, and cater to different audiences at scale, without a single line of code.
Our conversions pretty much skyrocketed after the bot implementation. We used to run ads on landing pages, but with the inclusion of a smart lead generation chatbot, we were able to generate more than 160 qualified leads over the course of a weekend.


Brand Manager

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Preview and Deploy

Always make sure your bot is running exactly as you intended it to. Test the bot integration on your selected channel and go live.

Component Reusability

Not all your visitors are alike. Branch out the conversation flow using conditions so that you can cater to each visitor the way they are most comfortable with.

An omni-channel experience

Run our bots on various channels like your Website, Web app, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business, and SMS. View the data and conversations collectively in an intuitive live chat interface, and jump in when you want to with human handover.


Fully Equipped Tool Kit


Send a Message

Send an informative message to the end user


Display a set of cards to showcase items with specific CTAs

Collect Input

Get the details you need to specific questions


Let users select a number from a range of values


Expedite the process of collecting multiple inputs

Service Call

Initiate a GET/POST call to other systems using APIs

File Upload

Allow users to upload photos and documents

Salesforce web-to-lead

Creates a lead within Salesforce through a seamless integration

Send an Email

Send out an email with a chat transcript to specific individuals


Branch out into various conversation flows and customer journeys with each button


Create independent decision trees based on the pre-defined conditions


A prerequisite with which its underlying conversation flow is executed


Allow the conversation flow to be branched into various paths based on user input

Image Carousel

Display a set of images in a carousel for a quick and easy view

Human Handover

Seamlessly handover the conversation from the bot to a live support agent


Leverage NLP by connecting your Dialogflow agent with the bot


Select a date/date range from a date picker to schedule appointments


Train the bot on intents and utterances to quickly answer FAQs

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