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Blue Chip Worldwide Uses Chatbots to Recommend Wines for Valentine's Season

Kevin Sherman

Vice President of Digital Experience

Blue Chip Worldwide

Blue Chip World Wide is an independent, creative marketing agency based in Chicago with the proven expertise of 40 years in brand and shopper marketing.

Over the last 40 years, Blue Chip Worldwide has combined the talent and scale of a holding company, with the urgency and ownership of a private agency. Through exceptional strategy, creative, media, and retail solutions, BCWW has garnered the respect of 25+ high-end clients like Jack Daniels, P&G, Sodexo, Heinz, and various others.






Chicago, United States


The Challenge

Founded in 1982, Blue Chip Worldwide has been shining a spotlight on multiple high-end brands across the USA, creating distinct brand visibilities and strong narratives for each.

One of their premier clients, an alco-bev company, had its sights set on positioning a collection of 5-6 wine brands as the go-to product for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday season.

Kevin Sherman, Blue Chip’s Vice President of Digital Experience, was tasked with planning a perfect holiday-centric campaign for their client. Kevin had one clear goal: he wanted to make this wine collection the showstopper of the romantic season.

Kevin and his team ideated and planned various marketing campaigns, spanning the physical and digital landscape of the country.

But what they sought was a marketing solution that could create a personal impact of the wines amongst the consumers; a solution that could position the wines in a more personalized way. To achieve this, they needed an out-of-the-box conversational marketing strategy that could promote the wine collection through product recommendations.

Kevin had been researching chatbots for Blue Chip. He wanted to see how chatbots were equipped to handle conversational marketing.

The Solution

Kevin wanted to get a deeper understanding of how chatbots could provide the proper leverage to his marketing strategy. In his search for potential chatbot platforms, he came across WotNot and booked a meeting.

At the meeting, Kevin met Hardik Makadia, one of the co-founders of WotNot and explained exactly what his and his clients’ expectations were.

The meeting which started out as an introductory call went on for over two hours where Hardik consulted Kevin about how companies had been conquering new heights through conversational marketing. With a product demo, he even showed Kevin how easy, scalable and navigable it is to use the no-code bot builder.

As soon as Kevin realized that WotNot was one of the most advanced chatbot solutions he had ever seen, he was on board. He and his team began creating their client’s first-ever wine-aficionado chatbot.

The chatbot was embedded on a landing page where the visitors would land. And using the bot builder Kevin’s team was able to easily create a wine recommendation chatbot flow.

This was how it worked:

  • On seeing the ad, an intrigued visitor would come to the landing page

  • The visitor would then be greeted by the embedded chatbot. The bot would then initiate a conversation with the visitor about their wine interests. 

  • The bot would ask a series of interactive questions about their interests

  • Recommends the perfect wine collection in the form of a carousel 

  • Visitor takes a look at the different options of wines and then hits the CTA button to purchase the ones he wants to buy.

  • Visitor is redirected to their eCommerce portal where the purchase is made

Being a data-oriented company, BlueChip WW had an in-depth analytics tool that took into account conversion rates and ad campaign performances according to cities and states, region-based consumer-behavioral analytics, etc. As these data points were not readily available on the WotNot platform, WotNot’s team created a custom report that was sent automatically to the BlueChip team each Monday.

The report was structured in a CSV format making it easy for BlueChip to easily import and gain insights through their analytics tool. 

The Impact

Within weeks of building their first chatbot, Kevin realized that he had only begun to scratch at the surface of the endless possibilities that WotNot had opened up for them.

BlueChip’s clients were extremely happy with the versatility of the chatbot. They were especially ecstatic about the fact that the chatbot was able to interact with its visitors and recommend products in a human-like way.

During the internal review of the bot’s flow, Kevin realized that this strategy could yield even better results. He had the idea to physically set up QR-code displays at key locales all around the country. Scanning the QR codes would also open up the chatbot and lead to the same process of conversational flow. With this stellar move, Blue Chip WW was able to successfully route more traffic to the chatbot. The QR-code-enabled chatbot was also deployed after the holiday season so as to assist the walk-ins at their various physical stores.

Thanks to WotNot’s embedded chatbot and the QR-code-enabled chatbot, by the end of that holiday season, Blue Chip WW noticed a massive difference like

  • Increased brand engagement 

  • Substantial percentage increase in the sale of the wine brands during the season

Needless to say, the most significant accomplishment for Blue Chip with WotNot is that the latter has enabled the former to capitalize on conversational marketing in an affordable manner.