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Using WhatsApp Ads, Deyor Camps Generates 25K+ Leads with WotNot

Chirag Gupta

CEO, Co-Founder

Deyor Camps

Deyor Travels is a major up-and-comer online travel and adventure booking platform for luxury travel, weekend getaways, self-driven tours, and global vacation experiences. The platform specializes in mountain biking and trekking trips in India and overseas luxury getaways, serving the best travel packages at affordable rates. The platform has been featured by leading publications like Forbes, Business Outlook, The Economic Times, etc.


Travel and Tourism




Gurgaon, India


The Challenge 

Although being one of India’s fastest-growing travel-tech companies, Deyor Camps had been experiencing a lower rate of conversion from its website visitors, due to competitive pricing and comparatively lesser brand recognition. People interested in booking a vacation package would often land on the website, but would not go beyond the pricing page. 

Deyor had a pretty standard marketing funnel, common across both Facebook and Instagram, which looked like this:

  • Creating Facebook and Instagram Ads focusing on picturesque locales and attractive holiday prices

  • Adding a CTA button at the end of each ad, mostly like 'View Packages' or 'Explore More'

  • Through CTAs, visitors would land on info pages with a ‘book your package’ form. 

  • Once a visitor fills out the form, a lead would be created in their CRM ‘PipeDrive’

There were several problems with this funnel:

  • It was not engaging for the visitor

  • A/B tests were not bringing huge benefits in conversion rates

  • People that landed would usually leave without scrolling, leading to a high bounce rate

  • Even if the strategy worked, the rate of conversion in this was too low at ~1%. 

Low conversion and engagement rates on our landing pages were a big problem, especially given our marketing spend. We knew that if we were to scale up business, this fundamental problem had to be solved.

To scale up conversions and create an uptick in the revenue charts, Deyor needed an effective and long-term strategy to significantly bolster lead generation. More volume in lead generation equaled a higher volume of conversions and subsequently, more revenue.

Deyor Camps’ Marketing team went on the lookout for such a solution.

That was when they came across chatbots.

They discovered that Chatbots, with their ability to conduct millions of conversations simultaneously and instantly, could generate leads faster than ever possible manually. This was ideal for them since they wanted to maximize revenue from their overall ad spend, and chatbots could help them with the same. 


In the journey of searching for an ideal chatbot solution partner for their business, Deyor found what it was looking for in WotNot —

WotNot had everything that Deyor needed — an automated chatbot, a simple and no-code bot builder, and an insightful analytics dashboard that could condense huge data into useful information. Not to mention attractive pricing that was ideal for a company of their size.

It was super simple to create the bot to address the conversion problem we were facing. WotNot has one of the most intuitive designs I have encountered so far. I’m impressed by how quickly the interface enabled us to deploy it and make a difference through it.

Once Chirag Gupta, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Deyor Camps began the initial talks of partnering with WotNot, the team at WotNot left no stone unturned in learning about him, the company, its vision, its objectives, and how WotNot could help them scale up its operations.

For seamless integration with Deyor’s business operations, the team at WotNot studied their marketing funnel.

On the basis of the study, it was evident that conversion rates on the website was a big problem. So keeping their ICP in mind, WotNot suggested investing in WhatsApp CTAs  rather than routing traffic to the website.

WhatsApp made sense because it remains the most popular social connectivity channel for Indian youth, which is the key demographic for Deyor. Also, most people find it more comfortable to interact on WhatsApp than any other channel and are more likely to chat instantly with a WhatsApp chatbot.

With WhatsApp ads, when visitors click on the CTA (on Facebook and Instagram), they would be redirected to their WhatsApp app and greeted with the WhatsApp bot.

The bot shall then have a personal conversation with the visitor about things like-

  • Where do you want to travel next?

  • Which package would you like to buy?

  • Which of these favourite tourist spots in Ladakh do you wish to visit?

  • Which of these bikes would you like to reserve for your bike trip?

  • Which of these hotels would you like to stay at?

After qualifying the leads through such questions, the WhatsApp-based chatbot would push all SQLs to PipeDrive, which was Deyor’s CRM. From thereon, the sales rep can take over and close the sale.

WhatsApp is known to have much better open and reply rates, and this kind of conversational marketing coupling the intent of the user from the advertisement and the  WhatsApp chatbot would lead to greater conversions.

With the help of WotNot’s Consultation and its subscription packages, the team at Deyor Camps thus made fundamental changes to its marketing strategy.

Sure enough, they noticed a real growth in the overall volume of leads generated as well as an increase in conversion. The new product had, in fact, optimized their ad spending by a huge margin. Chirag himself lauded the technology that had enabled companies like his to generate a higher volume of demand in a cost-effective way.

With WotNot, Deyor Camps got a modern and automated WhatsApp-based chat experience that yielded greater engagement and increased our revenue as well as brand value.


Thanks to WotNot’s agile WhatsApp-based chatbot, Deyor Camps has been able to significantly amp up its overall revenue growth. The whole team at Deyor was astounded by the fact that a chatbot could deliver such conversion rates, which proves yet again that a chatbot is quite an all-rounder tool.

Within just a few months, Deyor’s marketing department has witnessed the following results from deploying the WhatsApp-based chatbot.

  • 44,220 conversations struck

  • 25,385 inquiries generated

  • 57.4% in lead conversion

Thanks to WotNot, we were able to significantly improve our ad conversion rates to 57%. Unbelievable! This is a real value-find.

As the next step, a similar chatbot was planned to be deployed on the company website as decent traffic is present on the website as well.

The future roadmap for Deyor, through its partnership with WotNot, is to continuously improvise the bot and make it more and more engaging for its visitors and customers.


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