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Middle East’s largest legal consultant, DM Immigration, used WotNot to generate 60K+ leads

Terence Correia

Executive Director

DM Immigration

DM Immigration is the Middle East’s largest legal consultant providing immigration services to individuals and big corporates. They offer services covering all types of counselling and processing of immigration visas such as Skilled Visas, Business Visas, Investor Visa, Employer-sponsored visas, Family visas, Permanent residency, or citizenship by investment. As a business, they have offices spread out across UAE, Kuwait, Oman, India, and Canada.


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Due to travel restrictions, lockdowns, and the consistent spread of Covid-19 across countries, the travel industry was one of the most hit in 2020. DM Immigration was on the same boat, reeling from the effects of a disastrous pandemic. They were desperate for leads as they had a sales-heavy team who did not have any leads to process.

As soon as a post-Covid boost was looming, DM Immigration wanted to set things in motion for what could be a year of resurgence. Lead generation became the primary focus, and that’s when the IT Manager, Mr. Vilas Hondai, came across the idea of chatbots as a channel to generate qualified leads at scale. 

Our sales were hit massively and as a result. I started thinking from first-principles and thought about leveraging visitors that are already coming to our website. That's when I thought of incorporating a chatbot.

DM Immigration was already using Zoho’s Live Chat tool, which collected lead information through a form (not very conversational). But with the current chat tool, they had two significant problems: 

  1. Making any changes to the flow was cumbersome

  2. The support wasn’t up to the mark

DM Immigration wanted to do more than the bare minimum. The form just collected information and didn’t engage visitors in a conversation. Their dependency on the support team was high, and that too wasn’t quick and seamless. They wanted to instill a bot to provide a more human-like experience to site visitors, just like how a sales representative would speak to anyone that visits their offices. DM Immigration knew it couldn’t hit back with the current system. They wanted leads, and they wanted it fast. They looked for a more feasible solution that solved their essential pain points.


After an unpleasant experience of using the Zoho tool on their own, DM Immigration was on the lookout for a chatbot provider that ticked all the boxes for providing an end-to-end solution - from providing setup assistance, an easy-to-use product, swift execution, and reliable support moving forward. On their search, WotNot met their requirements, and a demo was booked. 

We had a detailed discussion with the Executive Director, Mr. Terrence Correa, and the IT Manager, Mr. Vilas Hondai, regarding their business objectives, implementation goals, conversational flow, etc. Owing to our no-code product and past successes that we delivered, Mr. Terrence was confident and convinced that we were the right fit for the project and immediately sanctioned his approval in choosing us as the vendor. 

We were on the lookout to switch all our 7+ websites with a better provider who would be customer-first in their approach. And we are glad that we bumped into WotNot for this.

Within just hours of the approval, WotNot’s conversation design team first created a sort of MVP bot for their Dubai region website, just to confirm if this aligned with their expectations. The MVP was well-received, and the same was personalized and replicated across all the company’s other websites. 

We configured the bot to automatically open and initiate a conversation with the visitor to increase conversions and volume. As the primary goal of the bot was to make it effortless for prospects to provide their information, the flow was designed such, allowing people to navigate through it using buttons and inputs.

While conversing with the visitor, the bot smartly collects essential lead information required by the sales team, such as name, email, phone, service needed, etc. As and when the bot generates these leads, it was configured to automatically send email notifications outlining the details of the inquiry to the respective offices, i.e., if an inquiry came in from Dubai, the inquiry would be assigned to the Dubai office. And with the no-code bot builder, Vilas and his team found it simple and easy to modify the chatbot’s conversation flow without hassles. 

The most crucial aspect was the top-notch service that DM Immigration sought. The discussion, preparation, and deployment - all were done in a matter of mere 24 hours! The group had seven websites, and all of them received their personalized bot in this time frame. 

Within 24 hours, they gathered all our requirements and delivered them. We were really impressed with how they rolled out their solutions in such a short duration. Our entire team had personally sent our appreciation towards their dedication and customer experience.

Their two biggest problems saw the light of the day and an overwhelming result in the number of leads generated. 


As the website started getting traction, the bots immediately started interacting with every visitor on DM Immigration’s website and generated qualified leads for their sales teams. It also became easy to segregate visitors based on their regions and have the right representatives contact them. 

In a short span of 2 months, we have received over 4500+ leads from 7 bots which is an achievement in itself. This is the highest that we have ever generated!

It’s been over six months since we deployed our chatbots, and here are the results of their investment so far:

  • 60K+ Leads Generated

  • $35K+ Costs Saved 

  • $16M+ Attributed Pipeline 

  • 28K+ Hours Saved

Mind-boggling as it sounds, DM Immigration now generates 1000 qualified leads each week!  DM Immigration also plans on adding WotNot on its other online processes, which are time-consuming and mundane, like collecting and gathering the required documents for a visa request.


Leads Generated


Costs Saved


Attributed Pipeline

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