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Finland’s Web Agency Generates $122K ARR With WotNot’s White Label Partnership

Karoliina Saarela

Chief Operating Officer


GENERAXION is a web and digital marketing agency based in Finland. With the strength of 150+ team members, they’ve helped drive demand for 150+ companies.


Marketing & Advertising




Tampere, Finland



Generaxion being a full stack digital marketing agency offered a complete marketing package to their clients, including chatbots. They had a white label chatbot partner that was fulfilling their chatbot needs. But, things weren’t going well for Generaxion. And the reasons were as below.

Poor Support

Real-time and quality support was one of the major reasons why Generaxion were looking for another white label chatbot partner. Being a marketing agency, they weren’t adept in understanding the nitty-gritties of chatbot building and other technical stuff that comes with it. This is why they were heavily dependent on their former chatbot partner for support. Unfortunately, they hardly got the kind of support they were looking for.

Technical Glitches

The former partner’s chatbot platform was plagued with bugs and technical glitches. Add this to the chatbot partner’s poor support, and you can only imagine how tough it would have been for Generation and their clients.

Challenging User Experience

Generally, the user experience is the make or break factor while selling white label chatbots. In the case of their previous white label partner, the user experience was so challenging that it was mostly break. This made making bots on that platform difficult for Generaxion’s client which adversely affected the chances of closing the deal.


In search of a reliable and experienced white label chatbot partner, Generaxion’s CEO discovered us. Things moved quite quickly after that. Within a matter of a couple of weeks, we onboarded them as our white label client. 

This was mainly because the CEO and the team at Generaxion loved WotNot. The interactive interface and the ease of bot building on WotNot convinced them that their pursuit for white label chatbot partner had ended with us.

Not only this, WotNot also addressed a lot of key pain points and resolved them.

Let’s see how.

Easy Bot Building Experience

We boast to have the world’s easiest bot builder. And it’s not just us. Even Generaxion felt the same way and so did their clients. This easy bot building experience had a significant impact on the conversion rates of our client.

Robust Support

WotNot offered a shared Slack channel that enabled our client to reach out to us without any hassles and get their issues resolved quicker. This significantly made the collaboration a lot quicker than earlier and also helped improve turn-around-time to deliver bots to their clients.

Easy and Quick Migration

Our client was able to migrate all the accounts from their previous white label platform to WotNot’s white label seamlessly. The ease of bot building reduced the time to migrate significantly. Within a quarter, they had successfully migrated all their accounts to WotNot’s white label.

Exploring Newer Chatbot Solutions

WotNot’s white label gave our clients access to a stable and robust chatbot platform that had features like WhatsApp bots, live chat, and analytics. This opened up new opportunities to pitch several chatbot solutions to their prospects and close deals. This wasn’t possible earlier due to their previous inefficient white label chatbot platform.


WotNot’s white label proved to be a game changer for our client. With this, they didn’t simply achieve their objectives, but achieved it in quick time. The numbers below are the testament of our successful white label  partnership with Generaxion.

  • 51 clients in 1 Quarter

  • Generated MRR of $10,200 (ARR: $122K)

  • Clients experienced a 20% increase in leads


Clients Onboarded


ARR Generated


Increase in Leads Witnessed

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