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India’s largest architectural hardware company saved 9,300+ man-hours of support with WotNot

Amit Makkar

Assistant Marketing Manager

Ozone International

Ozone is India’s leading brand in the architectural hardware & security space. It has a portfolio spanning over 3000+ products across 9 product brands. It uses state of the art technology imported from the best brands in the world to manufacture high-quality products for its large customer base. With striking global presence & recognition, Ozone constantly strives to provide innovative solutions for architects, builders, specifiers and homeowners.






New Delhi, India



Ozone India did not necessarily have any problems with their lead generation, as they were pretty much a household name in India with immense word of mouth marketing and referrals working for them. As they were manufacturing items that would undergo several cycles of use everyday, the longer an item lasted, it reflected the company’s likeliness of getting a referral.

Ozone India took the conventional approach to provide customer support. In case of a query, the customer would call the company sales representative to get a solution. Considering that Ozone India has a plethora of products to display and a high volume of customers, this method lacked scalability. Their new leads and referrals regularly clogged up the phone lines with multiple queries, especially on products not referenced in their product directory. To explain the details of the products consumed the time of their sales reps. The calls would last longer as the representatives had to first understand what products were the leads referring to before asking the follow-up questions.

Also, since new adopters used their products through referrals, many had questions on how to install a product or the required dimensions for their project. Even though Ozone had extensive user manuals explaining the product’s working, they still faced a lot of calls for basic support. This immensely burdened their sales team since they had to go over and explain the same process to different customers. Not only was this becoming mundane but rather unproductive for reps who could rather spend time on queries that actually required their expertise. Despite their efforts, they couldn’t address every customer within a short time, considering the volume of support queries and the number of customers. This also overall disturbed the core value of customer support and impacted their brand image.

Amit Makkar, Assistant Marketing Manager at Ozone India, decided to address the bottleneck of their customer support and operations head-on.

Our operational troubles were now harming our brand, and it was high-time that we found a solution that helped automate our customer support and handling processes.

Amit’s objectives were pretty simple- Implement automation to reduce mundane and repetitive tasks that clog their operations and improve customer support to resolve problems in minutes and not days.


Armed with the idea to leverage automation, Amit saw it in practice in a place where he had least expected it. At the peak of summer, when most of India witnesses 46℃, Amit searched to purchase the perfect air cooler. He came across Symphony Limited’s (WotNot customer) chatbot, where he first-hand witnessed and experienced how Symphony was able to scale their support with conversational marketing. He looked at their flow and how the bot fires immediate responses and engages the user in conversation. 

Amit was impressed by the chatbot and contacted WotNot after seeing ‘Powered by WotNot’ on Symphony’s chat widget. Amit reached out to get a fair understanding of how chatbots work and how he can implement the same for Ozone to automate its basic support and ease the pressure off its team. Since they were new to automation, Amit wanted to trust WotNot with building and deploying the bot and take care of the entire process. He discussed this with WotNot’s team. After understanding the whats and hows of a customer support chatbot, Amit was assured of WotNot’s expertise in designing an all-encompassing solution for them.

Designing a tailor-made experience

In the first step to design the solution, WotNot’s conversation design team had a series of sessions with Amit and his team to thoroughly audit and understand the exact problem statements and business cases to map out the areas that the chatbot would assist.

After getting familiar with the areas where the automation was a good fit, WotNot began creating a blueprint ideal for solving Ozone’s problem whilst providing a conversational experience. 

This conversation flow chart helped Ozone’s sales, marketing, and operations teams align their thoughts before the WotNot team started to work on designing and developing the chatbot. After going through the request queries that the support team was bombarded with, WotNot categorised these into:

  • Product Inquiries

  • Bulk Order 

  • After-sales Support 

  • Technical Support 

  • Warranty  

Searching products is a breeze

With over 3000 products in Ozone’s portfolio, customers going through all of them is nearly impossible. With WotNot’s flow, the visitors could browse through different SKUs and categories/sub-categories before finally presenting a set of products in a carousel format.

Carousels helped compress the details of a product by showing the product’s image, a few details of the product, and a button or two to take the chat further. These two CTA buttons would show more information on the product and select the product to proceed with a sales inquiry.

Being always to there to help when needed

The new adopters choosing Ozone’s products always had questions about the installation, cutout details, warranty, and more. In the hardware space, every manufacturer has its own methods of installation. This resulted in project delays due to a lack of a quick resolution. 

To help circumvent this issue, the chatbot was trained to ask relevant questions to get to the crux of the matter and put together the context and information for the support agents who would quickly help resolve the customer’s problem(s) and resume their project. This helped streamline the support process while also providing instant answers to the customers using Ozone’s products.

Since most products fall into consumer-durable products, it called for an informative after-sales service, technical support, and warranty queries. Using the bot, the visitors can directly choose their option and either get a solution from the bot or connect with an agent.

Keeping track of each conversation

An organisation receives higher CSAT scores only when each customer is responded to quickly. Often, in large corporations, some queries get missed out from time to time. These queries later come to haunt the customer support reps through harsh emails or reflect a poor brand image through negative feedback on social media. Ozone India also wanted to avoid that path at all costs and aimed at a quick and reliable response system for their customers. 

WotNot sent each inquiry received from the chatbot (both sales and service-related) to Ozone’s specific departments via emails, detailing the type of inquiry and the context of the conversation. Ozone was also able to see the conversations from WotNot’s customer portal, where the chatbot took up each conversation that could be viewed in real-time.

In addition to this, to make sure that no inquiries go unanswered, WotNot would send a CSV file that consisted of the data captured by the chatbot in the past 24 hours to Ozone’s leadership team so that they were on top of all the inquiries.


The chatbot took a lot less time for them to develop, optimize, and deliver than we had expected. Overall, I greatly value WotNot for their quality of work, speed of delivery, expertise, and their communication skills.

With WotNot, Ozone India got better results than they expected, and greatly helped alleviate their brand across the industry-wide problems faced by their consumers.

In a span of 18 months into implementing WotNot, Ozone has -

  • 9300+ Man Hours Saved

  • 90% Increase in CSAT

  • 160K+ Conversations Automated

  • 12500+ Contacts Generated


Man Hours Saved


Conversations Automated


Increase in CSAT

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