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Leveraging WhatsApp, Saba Clinics digitized and automated their Feedback Collection System

Khaled Ahmed

IT Manager

Saba Clinics

Saba Clinics is Saudi Arabia’s largest multi-specialty skincare and wellness center, serving nearly 4 million customers annually. With multiple branches across the city, SABA clinics' offerings span multiple services, including maternity care, reproductive and sexual health services, cosmetic and beauty procedures, skin and hair treatment, weight-loss & nutrition services and general health-related issues.






Saudi Arabia


The Challenge

Since 1982, SABA has earned its reputation as one of the most trusted Medical Centers in Jeddah, offering the highest standards of care across multiple medical specialties. They were looking to expand its chain of skincare and wellness centers across the lengths and breadths of Saudi Arabia.

However, before expansion, they needed to ensure that they were delivering a consistent quality of service across their existing centers.

For this, they relied on the traditional way of collecting customer feedback through outbound phone calls and paper forms. And as they process thousands of patients daily, their existing manual and fragmented feedback collection system was not a good fit.

The challenge was that this existing method had many limitations.

Let’s discuss these one by one.


It was a time-consuming task since the staff had to call patients one by one and manually fill the feedback form as per the customers’ inputs. In addition, they also had to store all the feedback forms(which were filled manually) carefully. Aggregating all this data was proving to be a logistical nightmare.

Prone to Human Error

Since the feedback data was on paper or on the phone, there was always a risk of a human error. A staff member may misunderstand a customer’s input on the phone. This resulted in inaccurate data which could potentially lead to the wrong decisions.

Susceptible to Manipulation

With a manual feedback process, there was no way to check if the feedback was authentic or not. Moreover, Saba Clinics offered financial incentives to its staff if they achieved higher customer ratings. This was potentially a factor that made feedback susceptible to manipulation where staff members could fill feedback forms by themselves to get higher ratings for their centers.

Inconvenient for Patients

Filling feedback form is not something a patient would be keen to do over a call. And the current feedback system did exactly the same, making it quite inconvenient for the patients.

To overcome these challenges, the CEO of Saba Clinics asked his IT manager to come up with an ideal solution. The IT manager carried out his research in pursuit of an ideal solution. The IT manager carried out his research in pursuit of an ideal solution, which was easy to use and automated. 

The Solution

WotNot struck the right chord when Khaled explained their challenges on the introductory call and proposed a WhatsApp-based solution to collect this feedback. 

WhatsApp was the most popularly used messaging app in the Saudi region. With an open rate of ~90% and reply rates of ~75%, it was the perfect channel to collect feedback for Saba Clinics.

WotNot has a top-notch implementation team. They smoothly co-ordinated with our IT partner to deliver everything within the said timeline.

Khaled opted for WotNot’s ‘Done-for-you’ plan, to get a faster delivery of the solution. Our team here at WotNot built a WhatsApp chatbot that made the feedback collection process digitized, reliable, fast, and convenient.

Let’s see how.

WotNot used outbound bots to proactively send a WhatsApp message to the patients 3 hours after they were discharged, to collect their feedback.

This gap of 3 hours was intentional as the idea was to initiate the feedback collection process once the patients reached their home from the clinic. This made the feedback process more convenient for patients.

The chatbot would fetch important information like the patient's name, their doctor’s name, their treatment details, etc. from the client’s CRM (Microsoft Dynamics) to personalize the message. It would then ask the patient to give their feedback in the form of ratings, comments, etc. It would then ask the patients to give their feedback in the form of a number from 1 - 10.

As there were multiple questions to the feedback, Saba Clinics wanted to ask follow-up questions like:

  • How was the cleanliness at the clinic?

  • Did you feel pain during the laser treatment?

  • How would you rate Dr. John’s behavior and politeness?

  • On the scale of 1-10, how much would you recommend our healthcare services to your friends and family?

However, the catch here was that they wanted to keep these follow-up questions dynamic instead of static. In simple words, they wanted the flexibility and the freedom to add, remove, or modify these follow-up questions without depending on WotNot.

To achieve this, we create a custom integration with their CRM — Microsoft Dynamics.

Here, nothing was hard coded in the WotNot. So, whenever their CRM tells to send a question, our bot would send it to the patient.

Similarly, whenever a patient responds, our WhatsApp Chatbot sends that input back to the CRM. In simple words, our bot served as a connecting medium that facilitated smooth two-way communication between their CRM and the patients.

With this solution, the feedback collection experience was easy, engaging and short. 

The Results

Saba Clinics immediately saw impressive results as soon as this solution was deployed into production. As expected, patients were very comfortable providing their feedback from the comfort of their home on their widely used communication app; WhatsApp.

We have evaluated several companies, and none came close to how WotNot helped us - cost and output-wise.

Soon after launch, the chatbot was comfortably engaging with 1000+ patients every single day and logging their feedback on the CRM.

Here are some numbers to show you the impact:

  • 85,000 patients engaged so far

  • ~85% in open rates

  • ~41% in reply rates

These open and reply rates dwarved every other solution that the company had implemented in the past and cemented its position as one of the most effective methods to generate any kind of feedback from its patients and customers.

With this success, Saba Clinics started evaluating other business processes that could be automated using WhatsApp chatbots.


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