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WotNot’s White-label Solution Delivers An Unparalleled Recruitment & Screening Automation Wiz

Raj Soni



SmartAI is an HR Automation Software company that utilizes the power of conversational AI, chatbots, automation and deep API integrations to augment businesses with their own virtual HR teams.

SmartAI enables recruiters to reconnect with their database of candidates at scale, update their profiles, check availability and send them alerts of new job opportunities. They also conduct initial screening of candidates, assist talent acquisition teams with the hiring process by shortlisting and scheduling interviews. They do this all the while driving down cost per hire with greater efficiencies and improving the user experience, all in real-time.






Victoria, Australia


The Challenge 

Peter Stackpole and Raj Soni were two brilliant powerhouses in Australia’s talent acquisition landscape. They had been providing their expertise in talent management technology for various small to large HR outfits.

While dealing with their clientele, they often encountered various pain points associated with the following stages of recruitment:

  • Screening candidates

  • Shortlisting candidates

  • Scheduling interviews with the shortlisted candidates

These were the most crucial stages in the recruitment process, also happened to be the most time-taking. Peter and Raj had been brainstorming and researching for a one-stop solutions that could automate all tasks that came under the purview of these key stages.

Their research suggested that chatbots, with their conversational marketing ability, have the power to simulate human interactions and conversations, ask questions and answer the most common ones. By asking qualifying questions and assessing answers, chatbots can take care of shortlisting candidates. In addition, chatbots can schedule interviews with candidates.

In this way, chatbots can remove major pain points embedded within these stages.

Peter and Raj knew that to create such a solution quickly, their best bet was finding a capable chatbot platform. Soon, they began the hunt for such a platform.


During their research, they found WotNot and its white-label product. They realized that with WotNot’s white-label solution was the most resourceful solution for them. This was because:

  • With White-label, they had all the advantages of the existing product, 

  • They could further customize it, according to the exact needs of the HR industry

  • They could acquire the white-label finished product within days. 

This was the birth of SmartAI.

SmartAI was an ambitious project as this standalone product could single-handedly optimize the bottlenecks of the hiring and recruitment industry itself and save millions of dollars and man-hours.

To fulfill SmartAI’s full-cycle automation objectives, WotNot’s product team added new features to its platform. Let’s take a look at these additions:

Candidate Management & Outreach

Candidate outreach was first and foremost step to this automation, and WotNot’s product team built this new function for SmartAI where they could:

  • Upload a CSV containing names and vacancies

  • Send thousands of emails to candidates named in the CSV. 

This way, a single recruiter can shoot thousands of emails for hundreds of companies, departments, or vacancies at once.

Once the candidate checks the email, if they are interested in applying for the vacancy, all they have to do is click the CTA button given in the email. The action triggers the bot; then the bot starts the screening process. It asks questions to the candidate like:

  • Would you be interested in X position at Y company?

  • Who was your last employer?

  • How many years have you been working as a salesperson?

Candidate Scoring Feature

The bots shall assign scores to candidates based on the answers given by them for the qualifying questions. The higher the score, the more qualified the candidate is.

Candidates who receive a score higher than 70, would automatically be selected for an interview.

HR admins can also book appointments with candidates manually with any candidate, regardless of the score assigned to them by the bot. 

Intuitive Product Design

WotNot’s product team ensured that the new product (SmartAI):

  • Was navigable enough, to allow all team members to create different and multiple bots for different purposes and different vacancies, easily. 

  • Had an easy UX, which could seamlessly collect the required information from long, informal or scattered conversations

  • Was smart enough so that whenever a candidate would digress in a conversation, like asking unrelated questions, the bot would pull the candidate back into the flow of the conversation in a subtle way. 

Automating Interview Scheduling

Once a candidate has been qualified, the bot sends an email to the candidate to schedule an interview with the candidate. If the candidate shows interest, the bot books a slot for the interview on behalf of the interviewer (according to the interviewer’s availability) with the candidate. In this way, the bot minimizes the role of both the candidate and the recruiter as much as possible. 

Integration with ATS systems

The new product (SmartAI) was integrated with some of the leading ATS systems like BullHorn, Turbohire, Bamboo, etc., so that the shortlisted candidates could be seamlessly synced to their systems for internal tracking. 

Continuous Developer Support

The team at WotNot efficiently accomplished the behemoth task of building SmartAI within just 2 months. This was a rather impressive feat given that the team at WotNot did not just create a replica model of WotNot and named it SmartAI, instead they created a whole new layer to add to the foundational base of WotNot. Thus, SmartAI became a unique product, catering to a more specific industry and standing unrivaled in the market.

Since it is a uniquely distinct product with its own, distinct backend needs, WotNot’s team committed its developer support to the SmartAI team, so that nothing would ever fall through the cracks for them.

The Impact

Peter and Raj could now offer a product (SmartAI) to their clientele significantly reduce their own executives’ workload, putting their hiring process on a fast track.

It didn't take long for Peter and Raj to see the myriad benefits that the new product had brought in for them, which looked like this.

  • SmartAI was able to reach out to more candidates 

  • It was able to screen thousands of candidates simultaneously

  • SmartAI was able to save millions of hours in screening

  • With SmartAI, HR executives could significantly increase their Call to Interview ratio

  • With SmartAI, HR executives could increase the number of personnel hired by them

In addition, WotNot’s exclusive customization paved the way for SmartAI to help HR teams focus on more important, growth-oriented administrative tasks, like building a strong team.

WotNot has truly given us a perspective in terms of priorities.

Additionally, the development team continues to supply regular updates and background support to ensure the entire team is at par with them. The goal is to create a solution that can revolutionize the entire talent acquisition industry as we know it.