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How Symphony limited generated 50,000 MQLs with WotNot

Chandradip Paitandi

DGM - Marketing

Symphony Limited

Symphony Limited is one of the world’s leading evaporative air cooling companies. They have been a world leader in the air cooling business, being founded in 1939, our global presence has expanded up to 60 countries with more than 30,000+ retailers in our network all across.

In the Indian subcontinent where the average per capita income is a mere $2000, Symphony is striving to provide affordable and cost-effective air coolers which start at less than $50 as an alternative to ACs, to millions of its middle-class families.






Ahmedabad, India



Since the initial years of its inception, Symphony has always struggled with providing quick support to its customers. This becomes even more challenging during the peak summer months, when their helplines and support channels are inundated with calls and sales queries. These queries range from purchase of products, finding nearby dealers, product support or partnerships.

This is not uncommon for a company of Symphony’s scale – with hundreds of different products and millions of customers, Symphony's website and support channels bring in people from every corner of the world.

Chandradip Paitandi, Deputy General Manager of Marketing was tasked with finding a solution that helped address the growing concern of their customer support’s scalability across the call centers and their website.

We wanted a cost-effective, yet reliable channel through which we could help provide level 1 of support to our customers and prospects.


In an effort to address this problem statement, Chandradip and Symphony’s marketing team researched potential solutions that would deliver a more direct and relevant user journey. This would ultimately help in delivering a more seamless experience for current and potential customers. However, website improvements can take longer than expected, and Symphony wanted a solution that would help them scale support immediately.

Chandradip found WotNot to be just what they were looking for. The WotNot team did a deep dive into Symphony’s support queries and found out that, on a monthly basis, hundreds of thousands of visitors on the website, were mainly customers and prospects trying to find a solution to their problem, had a sales inquiry or were merely looking for the helpline number to get in touch with. Both the teams realized that with a chatbot on the company website, Symphony could greet web visitors, understand what they were looking for and recommend the next step in seconds. The chatbot could also set the context for sales people, generate SQLs and address level 1 of customer support. In the rare instance that the bot failed to solve a problem, only then it would generate a service ticket.

With a unanimous decision from Symphony’s team, they agreed to deploy a smart customer support and lead generation chatbot, to handle large volumes of conversations, while maintaining the quality of service, 24/7/365.

Towards implementation, the first step was to design the overall conversation flow. Symphony’s team had a lot of use-cases which they wanted to be handled by the bot, but given that this would overwhelm the customer base and harm the user experience, the WotNot team decided on dealing with use cases phase-wise. We followed the MoSCoW method, to select the MUST HAVEs of the challenges faced, and the rest of the features which are GOOD TO HAVE would be added in the subsequent phases.

The initial implementation comprised of -

  • Lead Generation

    • Residential Queries

    • Industrial Queries

    • Bulk Order Queries

  • Customer Support

    • Creating service tickets

    • Self-Service/Troubleshooting

    • Ticket Status

    • Finding dealers

Moreover, the WotNot chatbot would be integrated with their internal systems to automate most of their mundane and repetitive processes like ticket creation, ticket status, email routing to relevant support teams and more.

After implementing the chatbot on their website, Symphony experienced a steady decrease in their daily support center calls. This very much helped cope with the large volume of conversations that came through their website, and provide relevant and right suggestions to its customers. The chatbot acted as a new channel for their marketing and sales team, as the bot was generating steady SQLs every week. These SQLs were instantaneously sent to relevant departments (dealership/bulk order/product inquiry) immediately once the details were captured by the bot.

Similarly, in the customer support use-case, the chatbot offered a DIY approach towards solving some of the most common problems. Customers were pleased to be able to quickly resolve their issues themselves, without having to wait in line to get in touch with a rep. If the suggestion wasn’t able to solve the problem, it would collect necessary details from the customer like the product’s model number, problem description, customer details and then create a service ticket in their ticketing system. Symphony would then assign the ticket to a technician from the location of the customer, and immediately reach out to them for assistance.

The chatbot is truly well integrated with our internal processes. Our sales team and marketing teams are really happy with the number of SQLs that the bot is generating organically. The best part is that our reps have full context of the prospects requirements.


Since going live with WotNot’s customer support and lead generation bot, Symphony has been able to cut down costs on support significantly while improving user navigation on the website. Prospects and customers experience a shorter response time when interacting with the bot as opposed to filling out a form, and waiting for a rep to get in touch. With this new approach and implementation of WotNot, Symphony generated $3.2 million in new business, while saving 3500+ hours in customer support in the last 18 months.

  • 114,000+ conversations

  • 3500+ hours saved

  • 50,000+ MQLs

  • $3.2M business value generated

  • 40% queries solved by troubleshooting suggestions

As of now, the current traffic on Symphony’s website and activity for sales and support on the chatbot is totally organic i.e. this tool wasn’t promoted or conveyed to its customers previously. Chandradip foresees plenty of opportunities to scale up engagement, and parallely launching this bot across channels like WhatsApp and Messenger, for omni-channel support. Safe to say that Symphony is going to have many more cool summers with WotNot.


Conversations handled by the bot


In business value generated


Queries solved by troubleshooting tips

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