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WotNot Drives 6X Surge in Appointment Bookings for Zydus Hospitals in 2 Years

Himanshu Sharma

Lead International Relations

Zydus Hospitals

Zydus Hospitals is a 550 bed super speciality medical establishment offering all major medical specialities, sub-specialities, investigation & diagnostics facility, rehabilitation & physical therapy care under one roof. Zydus is on a mission to extend world class healthcare solutions to the community through advances in medical technology, medical research and by adopting best man management practices.






Ahmedabad, India



Given that customers today often want immediate gratification and immaculate support across channels, it has become imperative to stand up to the challenge. Majority of the traditional customer support systems are just not upto the mark, and neither are they able to seamlessly handle high volume conversations over traditional platforms.

Himanshu Sharma, Lead International Relations at Zydus Hospitals faced this exact same quandary. Although they were investing heavily on social media, paid ads, SEO and content marketing, the website was generating a good amount of revenue, but it just wasn’t hitting the number he had in mind.

Himanshu wanted a way where the website experience was gamified to an extent, and the visitors would get a far more personalized experience, and in turn, be more inclined to book an appointment. That apart, Zydus’ support lines were always clogged with questions on admissions, services, doctor’s availability which were taking up the sales and support teams time significantly, and it was time that they explored new ways to engage with prospects and customers in real-time.

That's where WotNot came in

We got their reference from a partner & found their knowledge of the healthcare space in terms of user interactions, industry challenges, as well as experience to be quite compelling.


Zydus Hospitals wanted to make their services available round the clock, provide instant answers to questions, while making their booking process as seamless and frictionless as possible. Zydus realized that the only way to improve website conversions was to provide a better buying and user-experience for their site visitors. Although they had been using forms and landing pages, and had a level of success, it was slowing down conversions.

Analyzing the problem statement at hand, it was evident that deploying an intelligent chatbot for the website was the solution.

The WotNot team took this in phases, where phase 1 focused on the chatbot recommending healthcare packages to visitors based on their inputs. The chatbot aptly named ZyE, would ask questions similar to how a doctor would, and then suggest a health checkup package, and assist the visitor(s) in booking an appointment. The objective of the chatbot was to initiate conversations, offer value, build trust and share requisite information with the end user.

Himanshu saw the benefits of phase 1 right away. Conversions on the website skyrocketed, and the chatbot was booking multiple appointments on a daily basis. During phase 1, both WotNot and Zydus teams closely monitored the chatbot user experience and conversations. Anytime the chatbot had trouble understanding visitor input, the teams would decide: should the bot be taught to support this query, or should the visitor be redirected to a structured conversation flow?

The team had the full customer profile and the context of the conversation through the chatbot itself, while the customer had information on our departments and medical services.

But Zydus Hospital’s success wasn’t overnight. Both teams met several times to brainstorm on various ways on the bot’s ability to scale conversations. WotNot Analytics painted a clear picture of where the majority of Zydus’ patients were coming from, average time spent, top countries and more importantly, how engaging the conversation was. The data showed that a lot of inquiries were being generated from the neighboring states of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, where Hindi is more widely spoken, as compared to English.

It was decided to make ZyE multi-lingual and capable of conversing with visitors in not just English, but also Hindi and Gujarati. Two months into launching the chatbot, the next phase involved developing a contextual conversational flow, for healthcare packages and a myriad of symptoms after rigorous user testing. The multi-lingual symptom checker allowed visitors to enter their symptoms onto the chatbot, and the bot would ask relevant questions pertaining to existing symptoms and ailments. After a series of QnA, the chatbot would arrive at a diagnosis, and connect the patient with the right department for an appointment. This helped the staff and doctors at Zydus immensely, as the chatbot was competent enough to set the context and help them save time in asking basic questions.

The out patient department was able to process more appointments and patients quickly, as neither the doctors, nor the patients had to spend time on understanding and explaining the symptoms/diagnosis from scratch.


Offloading queries to the chatbot helped in reducing the call volume that Zydus received on their customer support center, leading to reduced operational costs for the company. With a healthcare chatbot in place, there is a level of ease in the business process of a hospital, and at the end of the day, it gives a personalized experience to visitors looking to book an appointment.

I have worked with several vendors over the years and I found this team has been very impressive in terms of quality, predictability, and collaboration with us to make continuous improvements. Their core team is really knowledgeable and capable. We have a great level of trust in their abilities because of the team’s consistency.

Adapting conversational marketing in our processes doesn’t just mean offering a new way to talk to your prospects or customers. It has major business implications, as evident by Zydus Hospital’s growth after deploying the WotNot chatbot -

  • 305,000+ conversations handled

  • 19,500+ appointments/tests booked

  • $390K in business revenue

As part of phase 3, Zydus and WotNot have now launched their e-consultation chatbot over WhatsApp in May 2023. The goal is to provide an omni-channel customer experience, and tap into a demographic and user base that is more inclined to use WhatsApp across India and abroad.


Conversations handled


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