Meet the Best Alternative to Intercom

WotNot is the preferred alternative to Intercom for businesses and startups looking to skyrocket growth and drive revenue with conversational marketing and custom chatbots.

3 Reasons why WotNot is a
popular Intercom alternative

Crystal Clear Pricing

WotNot doesn’t increase pricing as your business grows after a certain point, nor does it put a cap on the number of conversations or contacts. Get a complete messaging platform for the fraction of a cost.

Done-for-you Service

The WotNot team takes care of your conversational marketing or custom chatbot requirements with their experience of deploying over 2000+ custom bots. With a faster and personalized setup, you get even faster growth.

Powerful No-code Bot Builder

The drag and drop interface makes it easy to build custom bots across a myriad of use cases and workflows. Even grandma can build a bot using WotNot’s no-code bot builder.

Chatbot is our North Star

Intercom is a massive customer service platform with many modules around bots, livechat, product tours and more. Kinda like an overpriced exclusive club where you can’t walk in as a regular guy.

As an alternative to Intercom, bots are the core DNA upon which WotNot was built, and we don’t believe in drifting our attention to diversify our portfolio with a range of add-on products that don’t deliver tangible value.

WotNot was built with our own need for conversational marketing as our inboxes were dry with no leads. We understand the value that a custom chatbot adds to your website, Facebook page, or WhatsApp account.Rest assured that, as a customer, you will always be at the forefront of cutting edge innovations in the chatbot space with WotNot.

We Build It For You!

It is easy to purchase a subscription (billed annually), but creating a personalized experience for your target audience is no walk in the park.

WotNot’s done-for-you service takes care of everything from mapping use cases, designing conversation flows, developing the chatbot, to managing and working with you every step of the way, with minimal time and resource investment from your side.

Sit & Relax with a done-for-you service

Experience & Expertise

Let our chatbot designers’ intellect deliver your bot with their first hand experience of developing over thousands of bots. Pay for the subscription only after your bot is live. Try finding that in Intercom.

Daily Updates

We keep you in the loop from start to finish on the progress made in building your custom bots or live chat solution as per your needs. Eliminate last minute surprises, and start engaging your audience in no time.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our done-for-you service doesn’t stop after the setup. Continue this service every month as part of your monthly subscription. We’re with you every step of the way to improve your conversational experiences.

Our sales team and marketing teams are really happy with the 50,000+ MQLs that the bot has generated organically. The best part is that our reps have full context of the prospects requirements.

Chandradip Paitandi

DGM - Marketing

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Effortlessly design bots with a
No-code Bot Builder

If you’ve seen Intercom’s approach of making bots, you’d know that it's hard to build and visualize. Using WotNot’s no-code bot builder, creating bots is as easy as connecting lego blocks.

Sit & Relax with a done-for-you service

Conditional Branching

Provide a more personalized flow to each of the visitors speaking to your chatbots with conditional branching. Let the bot engage with visitors in context with the content of the page/product/service.


Creating a conversation flow that is intuitive and conversational can get a bit long. Easily traverse through your flow and find blocks through the easy-to-use minimap tool.

Variety of Action Blocks

With over 20 blocks to choose from, structure your conversation flow to collect inputs from the visitor in the most interactive manner.

What else and What-not?

The Price

The Price

Intercom charges you a fee for each bot each month. WotNot makes it fairly easy with a single simple pricing plan that covers all our features. All this packaged in a fixed monthly price which does not burn a hole in your pocket.

FAQ Builder

FAQ Builder

Although you built a rule-based bot that meets your needs as a business, some people may have specific questions they want answers to. Train the bot on various intents and utterances with WotNot’s FAQ builder across your entire knowledge base, and make it smarter gradually.

Multi-Channel and Multi-lingual

Multi-Channel and Multi-lingual

With Intercom, you are only limited to web based bots. With WotNot, you meet your customers where they are. Use our chatbots and live chat across multiple channels like WhatsApp, Web, Facebook Messenger and more. Supercharge your experience by speaking with your visitors in the language they are most comfortable with.

Using Dialogflow or IBM Watson

Using Dialogflow or IBM Watson?

Already got an agent trained? Connect your trained agents built using Google Dialogflow or IBM Watson through WotNot’s bot builder. Leverage WotNot’s features as well as UI, and rely on your own bot for the smartness. Hard to do that with Intercom.

Custom Integrations

Custom Integrations

WotNot is very close to its users, and only develops features that are really needed. There’s really no point in following trends and gimmicks. We believe in identifying what works and making it even better for our customers. Need a custom integration? We take our customers' requests very seriously and deliver them in a matter of a few sprints. WotNot is a platform that evolves naturally along with the changing needs and habits of its customers.

Human Handover

Human Handover

WotNot’s agent console does a better job at transferring conversations from your chatbot to your human agents based on a variety of trigger conditions and rules. Just what you need for an Intercom alternative.

Curated Industry-specific templates

Curated Industry-specific templates

Designed and developed by industry veterans with decades of experience, catalyze your bot creation using our brief templates that completes the entire user journey. Use WotNot’s chatbot templates to capture leads, address complex use cases, and create advanced customer service workflows.

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