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Intercomming with your customers may be difficult. The unreasonable rates combined with the unavailable support team and not-so-intuitive design interfaces can land your bot in trouble. WotNot is a usable and affordable Intercom alternative with a friendly interface, easy-to-use bot builders, and an always-available team.

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Discover Why WotNot is an Exceptional Intercom Alternative

Intercom is amazing, and just like WotNot, they started as a bot builder for all types of businesses. However, today Intercom is an expensive conversational marketing tool that is exclusively for high-end and enterprise-grade businesses. 

WotNot focuses solely on helping all business types across industries with customer service and lead generation through conversational marketing. Our transparent pricing, accessible support team, and simple bot interfaces are clear indicators of our premise. Our reasonable pricing makes us stand out!

If you are still not convinced why we are an excellent alternative to Intercom, check out all these reasons.

Reason #1

We don’t play hide-n-seek with our customers

A starting plan with basic features cannot be lucrative for small businesses if priced exorbitantly high. You can see Intercom is leaning towards enterprises with a non-existent flat fee, a non-transparent pricing model, and complex packages. WotNot’s pricing plans are flat, starting at just $99/mo. Unlike Intercom, we don’t charge for contacts; hence, have your bots speak with as many people. As the best alternative to Intercom, we care deeply about the growth of our customers through conversational marketing, whether you are a 5-people or 500k-people business.

Reason #2

Feature-rich and easy-to-use Bot Builder

Intercom gives out a cool vibe but deeply hidden is a lacklustre, dull, and unenthusiastic interface that lacks even the basic features. Where Intercom lacks important features like minimap and version control in the basic version, an alternative to Intercom WotNot allows you to use pre-built templates to create a powerful bot within minutes. You can even preview your bot before deploying.

Reason #3

Our support team has your back

Buy the Intercom subscription and wait for weeks before you can get any support. Even their few hours turn into days. You are on your own with a complex SaaS tool that needs hand-holding. WotNot was devised to help more businesses take the conversational marketing route. We mean it when we say our team will get back in a few hours. With a less than 8-hour response time and always available support team across mediums, we will always have your back, no matter what.

Reason #4

Helping businesses personalize their bots

With Intercom, you rely on external agencies or a technical person on your team to devise the chatbot you need. With no pre-built templates or internal design support, you are on your own. That’s now how WotNot, an Intercom alternative, works! We offer customizations suited to business needs. From pre-built templates to an internal customization team, we offer all the support needed to create a bot that matches your end customer needs and fulfils your bot goals.

A detailed comparison of WotNot with Intercom to help you make the best decision:

wotnot comparison
intercom logo
Starting Planhelper icon
Seatshelper icon
Billing Frequencyhelper icon
Free Planhelper icon
Annual cost for 10 seatshelper icon
Cost for new seat helper icon
Transparent Pricing Planhelper icon
Setup & Support
Target Customershelper icon
All businesses
Personalised Onboardinghelper icon
Implementation Servicehelper icon
On-premise Deploymenthelper icon
Custom Integrationshelper icon
Time to implementhelper icon
< 1 hour
Training Sessionshelper icon
On-site Traininghelper icon
Managed Serviceshelper icon
SLA to requestshelper icon
< 8 hours
1-2 weeks
Time to respond to ticketshelper icon
Few hours
1-2 weeks
24/7 supporthelper icon
Unlimited Chatbotshelper icon
Template Repositoryhelper icon
Test Environmenthelper icon
No-code experiencehelper icon
Branding removalhelper icon
Chat widget customizationhelper icon
Facebook Messenger Channelhelper icon
WhatsApp Channelhelper icon
SMS Channelhelper icon
Invoke REST APIhelper icon
Rendering carouselshelper icon
Version Managementhelper icon
Auto Layouthelper icon
Create Subflowshelper icon
Broadcast messageshelper icon
Customized responseshelper icon
Analytics Dashboard
Drill-down propertieshelper icon
Data export as CSVhelper icon
API Connectorshelper icon
CSAT Ratinghelper icon
Pipeline Generatedhelper icon
Custom KPIshelper icon
Integration with BI toolshelper icon
Weekly analytics reporthelper icon

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