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Looking for an alternative to Landbot? You’ve just found it. WotNot is built for businesses and brands that are looking to leverage and own conversational marketing across the customer service lifecycle.

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Done-for-you Service

Done-for-you Service

Do you really have the time to identify use cases, design, build and implement conversation flows? Let us do it for you.
Powerful No-code Bot Builder

Powerful No-code Bot Builder

Build more than a simple lead generation bot. Expand use cases beyond building a bot that only books meetings.
Always there for you

Always there for you

Customers are everything for a business. Your feature requests, bugs and upgrades are what we work on.

Pamper yourself with a done-for-you service

WotNot’s done-for-you service takes care of everything from identifying use cases, conceptualizing conversation flows, to developing your chatbot. Start providing exceptional customer service at half the costs


Experience and Expertise

Let our chatbot designers’ intellect deliver your bot with their first hand experience of developing over hundreds of bots.

Handheld Service

Any changes that you may require, just send our team a phone call/email to have them updated.

Quick Setup

Go from requirements gathering to conversation design to deployment in a span of 24-72 hours.

WotNot delivered with astounding results where our expensive marketing agencies failed. It was extraordinary sight to see the bot handle over 46,000+ conversations and generate over Rs 374Cr in SQLs for us.
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Design Conversational Experiences with WotNot’s No-Code Bot Builder

Design intuitive and automated conversations for a series of channels, using our no-code bot builder interface. Create conversation flows as easily as building lego structures.


Auto-Save Changes

Never worry about saving your work progress with auto-save that keeps saving any changes you perform.

Version Control

No version ever perfect! We store all your deployed versions, so you can pick up where you left off and switch back, whenever necessary.

Variety of Action Blocks

With over 20 blocks to choose from, structure and define your conversation flow to be more interactive and engaging for the end user.

Always here for you, whenever you need us!

Looking for a custom integration to your systems? WotNot is the alternative to Landbot you have been looking for. We truly believe that customer service and support
is the new marketing.


What else and What-not?

Chatbot Analytics

Chatbot Analytics

We carefully cherry-picked the most important KPIs that matter most in bots. Everything from new & returning conversations, average conversation depth, goal count, source and more to help you gain more insights for marketing and support.

Custom Integrations

Custom Integrations

Don’t find the integration you need? We take our customers' requests very seriously and deliver them in a matter of a few sprints.

Live Chat

Live Chat

WotNot does a seamless job at transferring conversations from your chatbot to your human agents, based on a variety of trigger conditions and rules.

Curated Templates

Curated Templates

Designed and developed by industry veterans with decades of experience, streamline and expedite your bot development process using our templates that completes the entire user journey.

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