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WotNot is built for multifamily property management companies to enhance community engagement through conversational marketing.

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Multifamily Lead Qualification

WotNot can measure how well a lead will convert to a customer from the multiple leads flowing in and pass only the ones qualified to the sales personnel. WotNot also sets up appointments via its calendar feature, where your multifamily prospects can easily select a date and time and set up a meeting with you.

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Real-time Notifications

Being notified in real-time saves a lot of hustle later on. Since WotNot is active 24/7, it will take care of all the visitors, and with our mobile app, you will be notified in real-time about anything that WotNot may not be able to handle. Its human handover feature can seamlessly pass on complex queries to the right salesperson.

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One-on-One Communication

Personalization is the key to selling in this connected world. With the regular chat tools out there, personalization has come to an end. But WotNot specializes in giving your customer a personalized conversation with its AI-powered algorithms and provides an enriching customer experience.

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Your multifamily prospects can be anywhere. You can find them on Facebook, WhatsApp, or your website. WotNot can easily be integrated onto such platforms, allowing you to connect with your prospects on multiple social media platforms so that your company doesn’t miss out on a valuable lead.

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Why choose WotNot?

Check out how WotNot can add value to your real estate business

  • Code-free
  • Multifamily Search Assistant
  • Locations Info
  • Multifamily Lead Generation

Code-free chatbots

As a PMC, there’s already one multifamily property management software that you had to learn and integrate with your existing systems. We don’t want you to do that when implementing WotNot. Hence, we have made the product so simple that even a non-coder can build and implement it. Explore our No-Code Bot Builder.


Multifamily Search Assistant

As a PMC, you must be having multiple properties and service offerings. WotNot can instantly share your services by understanding what your visitors are looking for so that they can be converted or directed to the right salesperson quickly. WotNot can also share property information according to a buyer’s requirements just by talking to the buyer so that they don’t have to jumble around your website.

Multifamily Search Assistant

Locations Info

You might be serving more than one location or region, so it is vital for you to market your services for each location. Generally, you would simply share your locations and office addresses on your website, but WotNot can do something even more. It can not only share locations you serve but also provide routes & landmarks and the properties info currently available there.

Locations Info

Multifamily Lead Generation

Getting good multifamily leads is of utmost importance, and what do you do for it? Let us guess; you must be having lead generation software in place. But does it guarantee you good qualified leads that will convert? WotNot can guarantee that because of its conversational features. It will not only generate good leads for you but also qualify them to save your precious time.

Multifamily Lead Generation


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