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Searching MLS Listings

Purchasing a home is an important decision of anyone’s life’s savings. Prospects will visit tens, if not hundreds of homes to find the one that matches their need. With real estate chatbots, users can simply ask “Show me a 2 bed home in Austin” and get to see all properties matching the query from an integrated MLS.

Scheduling Site Visits

The purchase or sale of a property never really happens without both parties visiting & seeing it in person. In order to automate & streamline the process of scheduling site visits, the real estate bot can seamlessly connect with calendars, schedule & confirm them, at scale.


Our conversions pretty much skyrocketed after the bot implementation. We used to run ads on landing pages, but with the inclusion of a smart lead generation chatbot, we were able to generate more than 160 qualified leads over the course of a weekend.

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Post-Sales Support

Purchasing something is not always the end of the road for the seller. New owners/tenants may have queries or complaints. Your real estate chatbots can assist in a friendly manner by assisting customers through their issues by providing an interactive method of communicating their troubles, with round the clock availability.

Answering FAQs

If you’re a real estate agent, broker or property developer, you’re probably inundated with redundant questions on a property's configuration and amenities. With a chatbot for real estate agents, you can automate more than 90% of all queries.

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Some more areas of interest

Qualify Buyers or Sellers

Qualify Buyers or Sellers

Eliminate the process of profiling your prospects. Leave it to the chatbot to ask pre-qualification questions and generate sales qualified leads.
Handoff Quality Leads

Handoff Quality Leads

Empower your sales team with WotNot’s seamless chatbot to human handover. Let them take the reins from the bot, and jump into conversations only when needed.
Payment Reminders

Payment Reminders

Have your real estate chatbot send gentle payment reminders & facilitate collection of monthly rentals proactively.
Property Value Estimation

Property Value Estimation

Create your own estimate logic to value properties. Assist your prospects & future customers by helping them know the potential price of properties.
Property Recommendation

Property Recommendation

Bot can understand the persona, likes or dislikes of a buyer, and proactively suggest properties which are more relevant & inclined to the buyer’s interests.
Understand Market Sentiments

Understand Market Sentiments

Use bots as a feedback survey tool to understand the interests of a buyer, carry out market research & be in-line with the sentiments as well as requirements of your target market.

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