Real Estate chatbot template

Based on our research over time, we have developed a few excellent lead generation chatbot templates, which can be readily deployed.

Real Estate Lead Generation Chatbot

Generate leads with our easy to use and deploy real-estate lead generation template.


Real Estate Developer Branding Chatbot

Create a long-lasting impression of your properties on your visitors with our branding template.


Real Estate Schedule Site Visit Chatbot

Schedule property tours with your visitors in minutes with our schedule site visit template.

Ready-to-use real estate chatbot templates

real estate chatbot

Explore the range of real estate chatbot templates and simplify your conversations with ready-to-use chatbot scripts

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Rental Screening

Qualify and choose your rental prospects by asking them basic screening questions


Property Maintenance

Easily communicate and streamline maintenance issues of tenants relating to plumbing, electricity, security, etc.


Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents

Generate more leads and enhance your real estate community by interacting with buyers and sellers in the property market.



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