Chatbot Analytics

Know your users, and lead with data. Visualize key metrics, build a deeper understanding of your customers, and make smarter decisions with your chatbot analytics dashboard.
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Analytics for Chatbot & Live Chat Conversations

Get a bird’s eye view into actionable data, and tweak your chatbot and livechat strategy by measuring it on the right KPIs.

Chatbot Analytics

Conversations Handled

Find out how many conversations did the bot handle in any given time period.
Average Session Duration

Average Session Duration

Identify how much time are your users spending on the bot.
User Interactions

User Interactions

Tweak conversational experiences by segregating between new and returning users.
Track Goals

Track Goals

Get a bird’s eye view on how many conversations converted into sign-ups, demo requests, resolved tickets, leads and more. Know how deep into the conversation your visitors are with the bot, and keep an eye on where they are dropping off to improve and A/B test conversation flows.

View Geographical Insights

We help you understand where your audience is from when they are engaging in a conversation with the bot or live chat. This is crucial when your business is focused on improving sales and service operations in select geographies.
View Geographical Insights
Conversation Funnel Depth

Conversation Funnel Depth

Gain a better understanding of user behavior. Take a look at how deep into the conversations do users generally go; whether they are just opening the chat bubble or interacting half-way. Mapped with Goals, you can identify patterns and correlations that might be generally missed on the surface.

Webpage Engagement

Your website is a collection of webpages. Track and gauge which page is generating the most conversations on the bot or live chat. Change the content of the bot’s conversation to match with the context of the pages. Build stronger rapport with future customers quickly, and watch conversions skyrise.
Webpage engagement

Iterate & Improve CX with Actionable Intel

Getting the right data is more important than just getting data. Our chatbot analytics empowers you to track, break down, and act on key metrics from one single dashboard. Continuously measure, assess, iterate and improve your chatbot strategy.

Drop Off Poins

Drop-off Points

Identify and focus on user journeys within the bot that deliver maximum results. Enhance your bot’s performance by knowing at which point are people dropping off during the conversation.
Allocate ad budget

Allocate Ad Budget

When you know that the chatbot is performing well on a specific page, allocate your ad budget accordingly to maximize conversions.
Confusion Triggers

Manage your bots

Learn more about customer needs, and train your chatbot by identifying misinterpreted or missed messages/intents.

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