Visualize business impact with Chatbot Analytics

Data is the lifeblood of businesses in this digital era. Look at chatbot analytics from a business-centric view, helping you see and improve the performance of your chatbots for your business.

Improve your chatbot’s performance by looking at business-centric KPIs

What you would see in our chatbot analytics dashboard is the result of hundreds of customer interviews that helped us know which KPIs were important to their business. From improving the conversion rate on the chatbot to evaluating the business impact the chatbot has brought in, our chatbot analytics most likely has it all.

See the pipeline generated by your chatbots

What better way to measure the success of software than to see the pipeline it generates for your business. Our chatbot analytics allows you to define a dollar value for every contact generated, enabling you to see the exact pipeline attribution created by your chatbots.

Improve conversions and reduce drop-offs with engagement data

Not every visitor behaves the way you expect them to, it is human nature after all. To analyze this behavior, we show you exactly what options were favored by your audience. Also, our chatbot analytics tool tells you which exact block is leading to large drop-offs so that the message can be tweaked for better results.

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See the performance of your chatbot and uncover insights

To make it easy to evaluate the performance of your chatbot, our chatbot analytics shows you metrics like hours saved, cost saved, conversion rate, engagement rate, abandonment rate, and the average session duration. Slice and dice this data with several properties to gauge what’s working and what’s not.

Receive weekly reports to stay up to date with your chatbot analytics

Every Wednesday we send you a weekly report of the performance of WotNot’s chatbots to your business in an easy to consume fashion delivered straight to your inbox. Get a snapshot of all important metrics that you track, and jump into our chatbot analytics from there if further oversight is needed.

Some more tools our Chatbot Analytics has to offer.

Here are some more cool features that our chatbot analytics offers to help you make more sense of your data and improve your chatbots.

CSAT Rating

Evaluate how helpful your users think your chatbot is.

Drill-down by Properties

Look at KPIs grouped with properties like city, country, webpage, UTM, and referrer.

Export as CSV

Download data and analyze further with the comfort of Excel and Google Sheets.

Import Raw Data

Integrate with data warehouse and BI tools using our APIs and connectors.

Custom KPIs

We deliver custom KPIs that are important to your business.

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