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Conversational AI is made simple with WotNot’s no-code bot builder. Design and deploy powerful AI bot interfaces within minutes!

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Customer Intent

Conversational AI goes beyond the rule-based system of bots. Conversational AI on WotNot can identify the user’s intent and extract information that matches the users’ intent. It has integrations with Natural Language Processing tools like Dialogflow that uses Machine Learning algorithms to allow AI-powered conversations.

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Code-free Bot Builder

WotNot’s code-free user interface helps you build productive AI-backed conversational flows that scale your customer interactions. You can also access a range of pre-built scripts that you can use to build quick AI chatbots.

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Speak your customers’ language

Global business needs global solutions! Your ultimate goal is to connect to your customers, regardless of where they are. Your conversational AI bot can be built in any language of your choice, allowing you to penetrate international and regional markets simultaneously.

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To get actionable insights and provide a higher level of customer satisfaction, you need to be present everywhere your customers are. You can build conversational AI chatbots on WotNot using Dialogflow and deploy them on multiple platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Websites.

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