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Real-time Customer Support

Conversational Marketing chatbots like WotNot can consistently and continuously address repetitive queries. With WotNot, you can automate your customer support by letting customers define their issues through the bot and provide automated solutions quickly and efficiently.

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Smart-routing & Qualification

Generate leads in a more fun way than forms. Convert your lead on WotNot into potential customers by qualifying and nurturing them by asking series of questions and have WotNot route the right lead to the right salesperson.

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Omnichannel Presence

Connect with your prospects on their preferred medium. The bot that you build on WotNot can be deployed on multiple channels like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, allowing you to provide an omnichannel experience to your prospects.

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Get consumer insights

Chatbot conversations help you understand what your customer is looking for and what are their preferences. You get to know your customer better and gain valuable insights into their purchase decisions and their buying journeys, ultimately leading to building successful marketing campaigns in the future.

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