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WotNot Enables UK’s Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Agency to Enhance Revenue Opportunities by 42%

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BlendCRE  is the customer communications management and engagement technology leader, providing CRO services for global enterprises. The Digital Marketing Agency provides omnichannel customer engagement solutions that transform and strengthen experiences throughout the clients’ lifecycle.


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The Challenge

BlendCRE was strategically exploring new ways to drive revenue in the long run, through their pool of new as well as existing clients. For this, they began their market research for scalable, lucrative, and trending marketing technologies that they could incorporate into their offerings.

The research team found that more and more web-based companies in the UK had been optimizing their lead-generation process by incorporating chatbots. In addition, with chatbots, they were able to automate visitor conversations, enhance user experience and cater to a lot more use cases.

With so many chatbot benefits, BlendCRE saw an opportunity where they could significantly increase revenue for their clients. Ultimately, this could help them gain new clients and upsell to existing clients.

Driving conversions for their clientele in this way would automatically increase their own bottom lines by 42%. 

The Solution

While searching for the right chatbot solutions partner, the team at BlendCRE concluded that a white-labeled chatbot platform would be the best fit, since:

  • They did not have a tech team who could build a platform from scratch. 

  • White-labelled product would take the least amount of time, as opposed to an end-to-end solution

  • The time to market to launch these services would be fast

They quickly began searching for an agile chatbot solution provider, who specialized in white-label solutions.

That was when they came across WotNot.

WotNot’s heavily-stacked white-label solution came with its own set of advantages and features that were exactly what BlendCRE’s executives were looking for, which included:

Complete white-labelling

This meant that BlendCRE could brand and market the product under its proprietary name and logo, and not under the seller’s brand identity. With their brand across the whole whitelabel platform, it brought a sense of oneness with the services they provide with this new product.


As BlendCRE was based in Europe, it needed the chatbot platform to adhere to the local data and privacy laws of the European Union - ultimately being GDPR. For this purpose, WotNot hosted the whitelabel instance on data centers in London, to ensure that the data storage was within the borders of Europe’s laws.

Custom pricing plans

Being a white-label product, BlendCRE thought of going to market with a SaaS-based pricing model with its unique pricing plans and packages. WotNot enabled this for them by letting the team pick and choose which plans they would like to have and the associated costs. Our tight integration with Stripe automated the billing and subscription management, and sent the revenue directly to their bank account.

Regular product updates

WotNot had an agile methodology of shipping product updates, and as part of this white-label partnership, BlendCRE will receive all updates that WotNot gets. This was in line with BlendCRE’s demands of bringing in an ever-evolving product.

Unlimited accounts usage

To ensure the success of BlendCRE’s new white-label product, the team at WotNot decided to flex the licensing model by not charging on a per-account basis, but rather a flat monthly fee.

This struck a chord with the decision-makers at BlendCRE, as WotNot proved to be committed to seeing them succeed.

After a few months of test runs and analysis of WotNot, BlendCRE’s team decided to move forward with WotNot.

What really impressed us about WotNot during the trial phase, was that it had a far-sighted build — Its agility was conducive to future growth plans, whereas its adaptability allowed it to blend seamlessly with other technologies.

Soon after the details of the white-label were received, WotNot delivered the entire project in less than two weeks time. The new product was given the name ‘MorningLee!’, which would become a standalone product offering for BlendCRE.

Additionally, WotNot conducted thorough training sessions to help the BlendCRE team with,

  • Knowledge of the market

  • Overview of the use cases/solutions

  • Objection handling techniques

  • Hands-on product training

WotNot team enabled the client’s team to combat all possible customer queries regarding the product. Not just that, WotNot would have bi-weekly meetings with the BlendCRE team to help them with any product issues, and pre-sales questions to help them grow.

The Impact

With WotNot’s team by our side, we found that we had stumbled onto a whole new world of revenue-generating opportunities.

With the white-labeled product, BlendCRE was able to significantly generate more revenue by starting to upsell and optimize their existing customers' advertisement spend. As they managed thousands of dollars in marketing budget, the chatbot was able to significantly increase the outcomes from their campaigns.

Also, they chalked down a go-to-market strategy to release the white-label solution as a standalone product in the UK market to drive self-service customers.

Through unyielding, continued support, complete training and demonstrations for use of the chatbot solution, WotNot’s team ensured that nothing would fall through the cracks for BlendCRE….not then and not ever in the future.