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How Crayon Communications leveraged a multilingual bot to automate brand engagement

Mustafa Hotelwala

Sr. Digital Project Manager

Crayon Communications

A 360 communications agency on a mission to empower brands to engage with consumers through innovative, inspiring and dynamic digital encounters. They have been doing this for the past 14 years and extended their services to more than 150+ customers.


Marketing & Advertising




Dubai, UAE



Crayons Global’s client, a renowned luxury watch brand in the Middle East, wanted to generate more awareness and engagement for the launch of a new watch line. Crayons wanted to conduct a quiz on their customer’s brand, where horophiles could participate and submit their answers towards a raffle draw, and potentially win one the watches from the new line.

Having been in the brand management and advertising space for 14 years, Crayons Global had executed multiple campaigns in different ways. For this one, they wanted to explore something unique to get more eyeballs, and communicate in a new way with the brand’s target audience. Mustafa Hotelwala, senior digital project manager at Crayons, set out to find the answer to this problem, and explored multiple options before finalizing on Messenger chatbots.

Given that a lot of customer interactions were happening on the brand’s Facebook page and inbox, it only made sense to inculcate an interactive bot on that channel, which could educate the audience on the quiz everytime someone interacted with it. Also, to increase the number of interactions, Crayons ran ad campaigns to the chatbot which brought in more visitors.

Since there were a lot of interactions happening between the brands facebook page, it only made sense to have the bot reside there so that if anyone proactively messages the brand, the bot would immediately explain them about the quiz and guide them through it. Also, to increase the number of interactions, Crayon also ran Ad campaigns to the chatbot which brought in more eyeballs.

It was imperative for us to have the bot to be multi-lingual, so that it could engage customers in Arabic as well as English.


Reading through various blogs, and going through several chatbot providers, Mustafa came across WotNot. He assumed that almost all bot platforms required you to sign up, pay, figure out how to use it, and build a bot - all by yourself.

Being a senior project manager, Mustafa had his plate full with other preparations for the event, and wanted a platform that provided a bespoke done-for-you service, rather than the traditional DIY approach.

WotNot ticked all these boxes, both multilingual as well as done-for-you service, and the work was on to quickly have the bot ready before the event.

Mustafa’s team already had the big picture as to what the conversation flow would look like, and quickly walked our team through the goals. WotNot then jumped in to building Crayon’s custom multilingual chatbot, and went live within 72 hours.

Within hours of going live, hundreds of people started interacting with the chatbot, and started registering for the raffle.


The bot was a huge success for our client, and they saw a meteoric rise in interactions with their users. The marketing campaign was ROI positive due to the chatbot which helped engage multiple users on the Messenger platform and connect with the brand.

In less than 30 days of implementing a Facebook Messenger chatbot, Crayon’s client received the following results -

  • 1800+ registrations

  • 400 social media engagements

  • 10% more footfalls to the event

Mustafa was happy with the results brought in by the chatbot. As next steps, he plans on inculcating the bots for conversion optimization on future campaigns for other brands.




Social media engagements


More footfalls to the event

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