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How Kathryn Harbour generates high volume leads through faster qualification with WotNot

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Kathryn Harbour Real Estate believes in the importance of keeping your goals at the forefront of all they do. With a team of local experts, knowledgeable realtors, proven systems, and specialists, they are unwavering in our commitment to delivering an exceptional client experience.


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In an industry dominated by large companies, generating high volume leads on a tight budget is almost always a challenge for the smaller players. Having a strong and familiar presence through word of mouth referrals, this was the main source of leads for Britt Harbour and Kathryn Harbour, co-owners of Kathryn Harbour Real Estate.

Outside of real estate brokerage, Kathryn was also more involved at helping educate first-timers who wanted to transact in real estate. She ideated on creating a masterclass, that would not only help first timers on all the DOs and DON’Ts of buying and selling a house, but also genuinely help them in finding the perfect home.

Kathryn Harbour’s website was getting quite a decent amount of traffic on their website, through organic search on the masterclass, as well as paid traffic from Google and Facebook. Although the website was connected to two major MLS systems (Georgia MLS and FMLS), people were still finding it hard to find the perfect home for them given the complexity of the filters.

We have a lot of organic traffic coming to our website. We're more interested in volume though. We want to be able to qualify quickly, so our team can work on building more opportunities every day.

Instead, visitors continued to book appointments through the website contact form, which lacked real-time lead qualification and the opportunity for sales to instantly engage leads. With the speed of lead generation and qualification hampered by manual processes, the workflow didn’t allow the team to really capture contextual data on leads or to engage them in conversations.

Britt wanted to have a way where they could -

  • Interact with visitors coming to their website instantly anytime, so that there are greater chances of converting those prospects into leads.

  • Suggesting homes instantly through simple sentences like ‘Show me a 3 bed home in Marietta under $500k’.

  • Educate the visitors in the process of buying or selling a home, through Kathryn’s masterclass.

  • Take appointments from anyone interested to visit an open house, or get a callback from the team.

Above all, it was necessary to have the chatbot connected to their CRM - Follow Up Boss, so that the workflow would be even more seamless and transparent.


Needing a chat product that would remove the barriers to conversation and encourage more visitors to speak to a chatbot, Kathryn Harbour Real Estate turned to WotNot. Britt saw first hand how well the platform could tactfully communicate relevant information to customers, as well as integrate with external systems.

With a chatbot that was trained on page-specific, contextual conversation flows, the interaction would always be in context to what the visitor would be looking at. For example, if someone was on the investing page, the bot would speak more about investment opportunities in real estate, and suggest an appointment with Britt to discuss further on the same.

Starting the conversation at the right place and right time

With the ability to proactively start engaging with visitors based on the page visited, and conditions defined, Kathryn Harbour was confident that WotNot could deliver more relevant, interactive conversations and increase the percentage of visitors engaging with chatbot.

With everyone familiar and more comfortable with messaging, a small nudge from the chatbot via a pop-up message was enough to naturally pique the interest of the visitor, and have them engage in conversation. This coupled with the well-written conversation flows on dedicated landing pages would help increase the submitting of their interest for more educational content as well generate MQLs for drip campaigns.

Answer what the customer asks

The ideal customers for Kathryn Harbour Real Estate are in their 30-50s, and in this age people naturally expect a personalized user experience. No one likes to be asked hundreds of questions before being shown their first home. It had to be as simple as a sentence.

To achieve this, WotNot made use of Natural Language Processing to train the chatbot in answering questions that closely matched what Kathryn’s sales and support team was being asked the most. Simple sentences from ‘A 2-bed home in NYC ’, to something more complex like ’I need a 5000sq.ft house in DC which has 2 beds and 4 baths for under $1M ’.

The chatbot was trained to adapt to these questions, in any sentence formation or ‘utterance’ by the visitors, and display the matching properties from the MLS systems in a carousel, provided it had all the necessary parameters needed to make the search like beds, baths, price, city and more. WotNot’s smart algorithms helped scan through thousands of properties from these MLS systems, and show the perfect few, all in a matter of a few seconds.

I had never seen anything like this, I never knew that shortlisting homes could be this simple, says one of Kathryn Harbour Real Estate’s present customers

Delegating work seamlessly amongst the workforce

Being a chaos in most companies, assigning leads to the right representative proves to be a huge challenge as the manager needs to create a perfect match of the lead and a sales rep.

To solve this age-old problem, WotNot created smart routing algorithms while creating leads on Follow Up Boss. Based on their need and its qualification, the bot would intelligently assign these leads to relevant sales reps, thereby creating a balance and utilizing each one's skills towards the right leads. With this seamless integration no leads were left untouched or unaccounted for.


With WotNot, Kathryn Harbour Real Estate got a modern and automated chat experience that yielded greater engagement and increased their revenue as well as brand value.

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