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How Medi-Caps University generated 1000+ leads and $22K business Value using WotNot

Amit Sharma

Admission Incharge

MediCaps University

Medi-Caps University is a leading University in Madya Pradesh, India. It offers degree and research programs in the discipline of Engineering, Computer Science, Finance, Pharmacy, Agriculture, etc. Since its inception in July 2000, the group consistently aims at creating an ideal ambience for budding technocrats and helping them to grow like true professionals.






Indore, India



Medi-Caps University followed the conventional admission process. During the peak admission season, the Medi-Caps University website is flooded with prospective students’ inquiries regarding the courses available, placement options, fee structures, admission process, etc. The admission committee worked towards addressing them every day, but it just wasn’t enough. Most of the queries were repetitive, and they were constrained in terms of time and resources and simply overwhelmed with the kind of traffic they received. Through a web counter, Medi-Caps found that they have average traffic of 10k-11k website visitors per day! The committee worked from 8:30 AM to 5 PM to assist prospective students, and after that, there was no way the prospects could get quick information.

Medi-Caps also wanted to simplify their website experience by providing essential information at once. The university believes that whenever a prospective student visits a website, he/she should have all the information and answers they need. Their current system didn’t align with their objective to assist every prospective student at any time of the day. They wanted to implement a 24/7 solution that automated lead generation from websites and bridge communication gaps between the university and students. The idea was to adopt a digital tool to enhance the overall process and scale their admission procedure. 


During an internal discussion with the admissions team, they came up with the solution to deploy a bot on websites that can handle conversations at scale. They realized that every single industry is leveraging chatbot to automate their lead generation, and the education industry is no exception. Since they wanted to transit from an offline process to an online one, the idea of incorporating a bot on the website was met with a positive response from the admission team and management alike. Medi-Caps University approached WotNot to provide bot solutions for their website.

Since our website had a large number of visitors, our first step of strategy was to focus on conversion from website visitors through chatbot,” said Amit Sharma.

The goal here was to have a 24/7 tool that assists students in finding their suitable courses or providing fee structure or any other crucial information for that matter. Students are very digitally active these days, and they wanted to adopt a solution that catered to their target audience and met their expectations. Chatbots are the most effective tool to provide conversational experiences and increase website conversions. It seemed like the perfect fit considering the dire situation. 

Meet Chat Maddy- Virtual Assistant of Medi-Caps University

The two most important objectives that Medi-Caps wanted to achieve were lead generation from website visitors and provided admission-related information round the clock. WotNot developed a rule-based chatbot for Medi-Caps and integrated a lead generation form at the beginning of the conversation. This ensured that out of the 10k-11k website visitors, whoever interacts with the bot will turn into a lead. This fulfilled the first objective.

The rule-based bot covers a range of information that a prospect would be curious about, such as university information, courses offered, the fee structure of courses, eligibility, placements, and procedure to apply online. It also added image carousels to showcase the course-related information and criteria, etc.

For example, suppose a visitor wants to view the fee structure of a particular course. In that case, the visitor can access the document from the chatbot itself without having to find the course, the details and then the fee structure on the webpage. They need under one window, 24/7. Chat Maddy’s interface represents Medi-Cap university too. Using WotNot personalisation features, it retained its colour scheme and provided a name that was in sync with the university’s name.


This solution significantly reduced the burden of the admission committee. The results that Medi-Caps University saw was beyond their expectations. The conversational flow was such that it directed visitors to the courses of their interest, which resulted in a high number of registrations and increasing admissions. 

The chatbot not just generated leads but provided a highly engaging website experience for the visitors. Within just three months of bot deployment on the website, Medi-Caps University witnessed the following results:

  • 1100+ Leads Generated

  • $22K + Business Value Generated

  • 3.31% Lead Conversion Rate

For Medi-Caps, this is just the beginning of their collaboration with WotNot. They wish to expand the use-cases of WotNot chatbot and implement them in other university departments as well. 

We planned to first incorporate a chatbot for admission purpose only and slowly incorporate into other departments, and eventually have a bot all over the domain of Medi-Caps University”, Amit added. 

Furthermore, they want to leverage bots on other social media platforms in the future to increase conversion from posts and ads.


Leads Generated


Business Value Generated


Lead Conversion Rate

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