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How Ozone Wallcam decreased their service time by 80%

Hemant Sharma

Marketing Manager

Ozone Wallcam

Ozone WallCam is a professional security & surveillance equipment and solution provider based out of India. Ozone WallCam has its own R&D, manufacturing, sales & service setup. It specializes in providing world class security and surveillance solutions for various industries and customer segments.






Gurugram, India



With a vast reach of their quality products across the country, Ozone WallCam had always been inundated with emails and phone calls everyday for information on their products, services and dealers. Their sales and support team faced a major challenge in addressing hundreds of queries regarding their equipment setup, product details, warranties and network connectivity.

Their limited team could only cater to so many queries at a given time. Many prospects dropped out because of longer wait times, on account of poor customer service or the sales team not getting in touch on time, resulting in a slump in revenue and CSAT over time.

At Ozone, Hemant Sharma, the Marketing Manager, began his search for a solution that could help reduce the bottlenecks, and maximize the productivity of the sales and support teams. He also wanted to see how the marketing team could generate more business value from the current website, without incurring additional expenses on ads to drive traffic.

This was one of the problems Ozone WallCam resolved by deploying a custom chatbot via conversational marketing and support platform – WotNot.

We were looking to scale our support and lead generation in terms of new customers/new dealers/distributors, register complaints and route users to the right products. The process was consuming a lot of our time and resources, and a chatbot would help us automate that entirely.


With the search on for a leading chatbot platform, Hemant stumbled upon our website chatbot, which was very similar to the Ozone WallCam was looking for, and he connected with us through the chatbot itself.

At WotNot, we worked closely with the team at Ozone WallCam, and understood their business requirements prior to outlining the conversational flow. After studying their customer service and sales team's process, ins and outs, pain points, we designed a custom chatbot solution that worked as a virtual assistant, round the clock, so that each and every query is addressed instantly. The chatbot would act as the first level of customer service to all the incoming queries, and only pass on queries that REALLY needed the help of a support agent.

The WotNot chatbot adds value to a myriad of Ozone’s stakeholders. All the way from prospects, existing customers, internal support team, marketing team and the sales team. Prospects get a far more personalized website experience, and the support team saves time with intelligent routing and replying of customer questions, while the sales team is closer to crushing quota by focusing on the right prospects, and getting a steady set of SQLs from the chatbot.

As part of our done-for-you service, after mapping out the conversational flow, we designed a chatbot solution that would cater to three different categories of queries for Ozone WallCam -

  1. Product Inquiry

    When a customer has a series of questions pertaining to a specific product, and cannot get what they are getting for quickly, they run out of patience and are very likely to bounce. To create a modern and personalized buying experience, the WotNot chatbot ensures that all website visitors have the information they need instantaneously.

    This leads to timely outreach, increasing the probability that sales reps jump directly into stage 2 of the conversation with prospects, armed with contextual and useful information from the chatbot, at the perfect time.

    Product inquiry helped Ozone WallCam generate more leads by guiding people to the right products according to their requirements. Given the myriad of product types sold at Ozone WallCam, we decided to meticulously integrate and categorise information of all product types in the chatbot, so that customers can quickly find the product they are looking for, collect information, and get their queries resolved on auto-pilot.

  2. Customer Service

    The bar is high when it comes to what prospects expect from your website when it comes to an experience that is not just fast, but personalized and easy to navigate. The bar is even higher when it comes to good customer service.

    The customer service section on the chatbot responds to the multiple queries on product warranties and provides pointers on DIY self service of different products. Self-service section enables people to resolve simple issues they face with their devices, by walking them through step-by-step instructions.

    By implementing WotNot, Ozone WallCam reduced the time their support agents spent on resolving repetitive mundane queries by automating the entire process. This decreased the number of calls to the customer support department by nearly 50%.

  3. Distributor Information

    Notifying the team if prospects were looking for a distributor is also incorporated in the WotNot chatbot. Whenever someone fills out their details (like name, contact number, city) and chooses the option 'Notify Nearest Distributor', the Ozone team receives a real-time email notification which consists of the details filled out by the customer.

    The chatbot is seamlessly integrated with Ozone's internal system, and as a result, reports of all the leads and customer queries are sent directly on a day-to-day basis.

    The best part? With the help of WotNot Chatbot Analytics, the chatbot's performance is comprehensively measured. WotNot’s Analytics provides a bird’s eye view on how many conversations converted into sign-ups, demo requests, resolved tickets, leads and more. This enables deep analysis of the target audience's behavior, and gives the marketing team the opportunity to A/B test conversation flows to improve the customer's experience.

    To summarize, WotNot developed an all-encompassing custom chatbot solution addressing lead generation and customer support as primary use cases for Ozone Wallcam. The chatbot routes the users to their product pages, registers their complaints, and also takes details of customers who want to get in touch with one of their distributors.


Just one year into working with WotNot, the Ozone WallCam team has seen their pipeline grow with sales qualified prospects, and cut down on operational expenses towards customer support, directly influenced by WotNot.

  • 1300+ conversations

  • 80% decrease in the service time

  • 700+ SQLs

  • 9% increase in total pipeline


Sales Qualified Leads generated


Decrease in service time


Conversations handled by the bot

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