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How Prajapati Group generated 7.5Cr+ Business Value using WotNot

Nitish Jadhav

Head of Marketing

Prajapati Group

Prajapati Group is a leading real estate company based in Navi Mumbai, India. Prajapati Group was built under the foundation of quality construction and timely possession. It currently has completed 20 projects in Mumbai and Hyderabad, encompassing over 1 Million sq. ft space and over 1500 units.


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Navi Mumbai, India



As a recognised real estate company, Prajapati Group had many website visitors who checked out their properties on the website. It brought traffic from traditional advertising campaigns like billboards and radio ads. But the process somewhere fell flat after that as advertisements didn’t generate the ROI that was expected. Prajapati Group had the same concern that many industries today face- Low conversion on websites. Forms on the site weren’t bearing the desired results, and they needed a digitised solution that improved website lead generation for their properties. 

The group had two kinds of properties

  1. Premium properties with more than 1CR

  2. Value for money properties at an approx cost of 50L

Now the major effort here was twofold

  1. Generate more leads and site visits

  2. Qualify the right people for the right kind of houses!


Prajapati group’s internal team first did some study and developed a hypothesis that chatbots could be the solution to their problem of getting more site visits and qualifying people better. 

Prajapati Group approached WotNot for the solution. After investigating the core problem of the group, the WotNot team developed an elegant looking real estate lead generation chatbot. 

This bot collected prospect information, initiated the conversation with them, built a rapport, and tried to understand their need as if the bot was a qualified sales representative. The tricky part here was segmenting the audience and doing it early in the buyer journey. A Premium customer would not be interested in answering questions around what kind of value they are expecting, while a value for money customer might never want to look at really expensive looking bath fittings!

Thus, WotNot created a chatbot that would slyly ask questions about the kind of properties visitors would be interested in by showing an image carousel of all the properties. The imagery and the display played a major role. Generally, the customer will select properties of their own liking. WotNot also generated a mechanism to validate this by asking for budgets. This didn’t just help qualify leads but also helped get an idea of the length of the sale cycles.

Calendar Integration

The main idea was that if the group found the right candidate, they need to be pushed to schedule a visit. The seamless calendar integration WotNot provided allowed sales team members to add their time availability and customers to select the time they would like to visit the properties. The most significant success WotNot helped the Prajapati group achieve was that the number of site visits increased and the audiences who visited the site were much more qualified.


Since lead information was collected at the beginning of the bot itself, the group could generate a considerable amount of leads. But more than that, the bot was able to take it up a notch higher and generate qualified leads, those that scheduled visits and were genuinely interested in buying a home. The conversion rate almost doubled on the website after deploying a bot. It also significantly reduced the repetitive tasks for the sales team since they didn’t spend time on unqualified leads. Overall, the bot had a tremendous impact on sales! Within just months of deploying the bot, the group witnessed a massive rise in the number of leads generated and site visits scheduled. 

  • 14k+ conversations

  • 430+ MQLs

  • 3 in 5 site visit leads visit the property

  • 7.5 Cr+ New Business value generated

For Premium Properties:

Site visit generation increased by 13% - from 2%* to 15%

For Value for Money properties:

Site visit generation increased by 33% - from 2%* to 35%

This overall allowed Prajapati Group to sell a higher number of properties. The bot also immensely helped the Group streamline the entire lead generation process and allowed teams to focus on more pressing matters. They then deployed a bot on WhatsApp to engage with prospects on India’s most used messaging app. In the future, it wants to deploy a bot on Facebook as well. 

*2% is the industry standard for appointment conversion rate in India.



7.5 Cr+

New Business Value Generated



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