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How Restolex used WotNot to generate 215 leads for their sales team in 10 months

Laiju N

IT Manager

Restolex Mattresses

Restolex is a market leader in sleep products in South India. It is also one of the few companies with an ISO 9001:2008 certification from TUV Rheinland, Germany and a member of the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) USA. With millions of satisfied customers across India and countries such as Greece, Maldives and Sri Lanka, Restolex has earned the faith of customers for its quality excellence and customer service.






Bengaluru, India



In early 2019, mattress company Restolex, a company that serves hundreds of thousands of bodies with their comfortable mattresses realised it needed a more efficient way to manage recommendation of their products to the customers, while also automating the lead generation process on their newly launched website. Laiju Kuruvilla, IT Manager at Restolex, was in search of a tool to address this problem statement.

We mainly wanted to cut down on time that our sales team was spending on answering FAQs, and wanted a better system to qualify marketing leads into sales qualified leads on auto-pilot.

Laiju turned to WotNot, which was recommended to him by a WotNot customer who had deployed a custom chatbot for a previous project.


WotNot initiated working on the custom chatbot bot for the Restolex. The chatbot was to be implemented on their website, to help visitors take a look at the product repository, address FAQs, and assist users with topics relating to sales, promotional information, and other questions.

The chatbot was designed to uniquely understand the likes and dislikes of the end user, and subsequently suggest the right mattresses that would match the level of comfort the customer would need to get a good night's sleep. As Restolex was in the business of manufacturing sleep products, it was imperative that the chatbot suggested the right products, and not cause damage to the reputation of the brand because of poor recommendations.

We really appreciated the fact that the Maruti Techlabs team provided a complete done-for-you service for us, where our involvement and investment was minimal

With a little need for regular conversations, WotNot’s conversation designer team developed the chatbot within a period of 48 hours, which was appreciated by the entire team about Restolex. The chatbot would immediately email out the conversation transcripts on the inquiries it had generated for them to respective departments - be it sales or support.

The chatbot has definitely helped in initiating conversations with visitors on our website, warming them up towards our brand, and handing over to our sales team.

In fact, one benefit that Restolex unknowingly received from the chatbot was the data. Restolex’s product team gained a lot of customer insights from the data captured by the chatbot, as it included the likes, dislikes and preferences of their products. This data helped them improve their products, and better understand the needs of the demographics in various regions through the location tracking of WotNot, where the bot could identify the city, country along with zip code, and create behavioral analytics of their visitors.


Their team is always thinking about different ways to improve the bot, ensuring we're using chatbots to their fullest potential in order to convert more leads & learn from them

Overall, implementation of the chatbot has resulted in,

  • 1840 conversations handled

  • 215 leads generated

  • 45% increase in customer satisfaction

Post the implementation of this bot, Restolex immediately tasked WotNot on creating a bot for their sister company Ministry of Sleep, where the bot would further help in improving the customer experience of their newly launched venture.


Conversations handled


Leads generated


Increase in customer satisfaction

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