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How Royale Touche used WotNot to engage closed to 100K visitors in 6 months & boost advertising ROI

Raj Patel

Managing Director

Royale Touche

Royale Touche, as India's pioneers in the field of decorative laminates, have set benchmarks and established outposts of excellence for over a quarter of a century now. Colour, texture, quality, durability, outreach, credibility, all of these have contributed towards making Royale Touche, a globally recognized and respected brand in decorative laminates.






Ahmedabad, India



Prior to onboarding WotNot, Royale Touche was using a live chat tool to manage all their incoming chat conversations. For the sales and support teams - this setup was proving to be less than ideal, and just didn’t get the job done right.

The chat tool was lacking when it came to segregation and routing of chats based on customer profile. Because of this, the teams were spending a whole lot of time addressing FAQs and relaying information which was already available on the website, as opposed to, having conversations with people that were looking to buy.

Due to the combined lack of customization and large scale personalization, coupled with a reference from Shivalik Group – Raj Patel (Director at Royale Touche) made the decision to switch to WotNot.

It’s really tough on our team, and even the website visitor to go through hundreds of SKUs on the website. They may have basic questions, or are just exploring, but having my team spend 8 hours a day answering the most basic questions isn’t the best use of their time. It was high time we automated our pre-sales and support processes to an extent


Raj and the WotNot team worked on creating a chatbot flow that addressed the majority of the common queries of their sales and support teams. The bot offered visitors quick access to the most requested information and actions: product(s), images, videos of different laminates in different settings, store locations, and getting in touch with the sales team. With the website traffic increasing day by day, and paid ads running from time to time, having a strong CRO tool like a chatbot was proving to be a hit.

While the approach is simple and streamlined, it did take some iteration to get there. Raj tested quite a few different messages and conversation flows to find one that was “just right.” The chatbot opened with filtering and getting the nearest store for the visitor based on their IP address, which was followed by providing all the relevant information on different products, in a decision tree format. This conversation flow did a great job of covering all the bases for Royale Touche.

Month over month, both teams worked on changing how the bot was handling conversations. Initially, the goal was to close conversations quickly and get a sales call booked as soon as possible, but we noticed that different cohorts of website visitors required a different approach as they often have different needs and different expectations of a conversation.

Based on the first month of the bot’s chat history, we switched things up to focus on building rapport. The new goal was to provide whatever help is needed – more information or getting someone who showed an intent to buy to the nearest Royale Touche store.

The idea is to show people on the other end of the chat that we’re here to help, not to push them to a forced call or meeting with our team right this moment. We care about actually having a dialogue and building relationships in the moment.


Within six months of implementing WotNot tightly coupled with organic and paid advertising campaigns, Royale Touche was able to -

  • Engage in 96,712 conversations with their website visitors

  • Improve the UX on their landing pages

  • Leveraged WotNot to automate pre-sales and provide quality customer service

  • Added real-time customized messaging to rope in interested buyers

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