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1248 leads and Rs. 374 Cr in sales pipeline within 3 months with the power of smart conversational marketing


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Shivalik Group

Shivalik Group is an esteemed organization that has accomplished many prominent infrastructure as well as real estate projects. Shivalik reflects the highest benchmark in the real estate space. The well-crafted homes, offices, showrooms, and shops from Shivalik have become landmarks of Ahmedabad, continuing to capture the imagination of its enterprising citizens.


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Usually when new residential or commercial spaces are being built, the developer goes about trying to sell out as many units as possible. This is carried out even before construction has even begun on the project site. The sales and marketing process is initiated pretty much right away after getting the approval from the government bodies.

The developers, agents, brokers and channel partners agents get to work on selling ASAP. This usually means running Facebook and Google Ads at scale, OOH advertising at leviathan budgets, utilising their personal network, driving traffic to the website, radio ads and so on.

The challenge here for any smart marketer is making sure that the ad spend is done in the right manner, and there can be a level of attribution given to certain channels to showcase optimum ROI. This was the challenge with Shivalik Group along with other realtors in the space - no tangible attribution of ad spend to showcase effectiveness of a lead generation campaign.


The fact that they have been working with some of the biggest names in the real estate space, and had a product that fit our requirements along with data to back their statements was enough for us to make a decision.

The WotNot team, with a very strong foothold and experience in the real estate industry reached out to Shivalik Group to address this problem. WotNot showcased how a real estate chatbot could help in reducing the cost per lead, by increasing the conversion rate on different landing pages.

That apart, the bot could help arm the sales team with the right context for each lead by pre-qualifying them, and learning about their preferences even before they got on the first call. The WotNot team worked on defining a custom conversational flow for 10 different properties of Shivalik Group, and went live with the chatbot in 2 weeks. It was further integrated with their internal sales tools, email, and customer support in order for the team to get instant notifications whenever a lead was generated, along with the full context of what the lead was looking for and what aspects of the property they were interested in.

This helped the sales team in moving directly to the second stage of the discussion and spend less time answering FAQs or educating interested prospects.

Our conversions pretty much skyrocketed after the bot implementation. We used to run ads on landing pages, but with the inclusion of a smart lead generation chatbot, we were able to generate more than 160 qualified leads over the course of a weekend.


By running a chatbot for a 3 month period, in tandem with the sales and marketing campaigns, Shivalik Group saw the following results -

  • Reduced the daily inflow of tickets at the customer support center

  • 1248 Leads generated through conversations

  • 46,000+ Conversations handled

  • Rs. 374 Cr in SQLs


Leads generated through conversations


Conversations handled

374 Cr


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