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248 Leads & 1800+ Minutes Saved: How WotNot Became Smart Sure’s Secret Weapon

Chetan Mankar

Director - Operations

Smart Sure

Smart Sure is an FCA Appointed Representative of Asurit Ltd. They mainly provide flexible insurance protection for all home appliances ranging from TV’s, satellite, kitchen appliances, mobile phones, gadgets and even offer a comprehensive 24/7 home emergency breakdown protection. The parent company - Asurit has been in the insurance space for almost 30 years, and has arranged as well as serviced in excess of 200,000 personal line consumer insurance policies.






Watford, UK



Smart Sure has thousands of people landing on their website every month. While some are first-time visitors, some of them are people who’ve heard about the company, and some of them are existing customers. But what they all have in common, is that they’re coming to the Smart Sure website for a reason.

We were using the traditional approach of live chat, but it was just too time-consuming for our people, and not the best of their time. The traditional approach just wasn’t cutting it for us as it wasn’t scalable in any way. Plus our team was getting overwhelmed with all the chats


When asked why they started using WotNot, Operations Director at Smart Sure, Chetan Mankar said,

We really needed to scale up engagement on our website, and pass qualified leads to our sales team faster. Getting a valuable lead in front of sales, that is ready to buy, is a driving force in increasing conversions.

The WotNot team worked hand in hand with the Smart Sure team to design a conversation flow, which addressed not just the sales queries, but also covered broader aspects of their customer support.

With the influx of visitors on their websites on a monthly basis, the chatbot was equipped to guide users to select the right insurance plan for their home appliance or mobile phones. Existing customers could quickly raise a service ticket for policy renewal or request documentation by identifying themselves through their unique ID number.

The WotNot chatbot would send across an email with the chat history and full context of a prospect's requirements, and sales reps were armed with necessary information to move to stage 2 of the discussion immediately. Now, they knew that Prospect A from London spent 7 mins on the bot, and was shown Policy A,B & C. They have shown interest in Policy B for reason X. This was far better than receiving a lead form notification which had nothing more than a name, email and phone number.

The best part? The chatbot was able to filter out the noise as well. This couldn’t be possible with the livechat, as sales reps always had visitors who would simply waste their time.

Smart Sure didn’t deploy the WotNot chatbot in order to remove humans from their support and sales process. On the contrary, they saw it as a way of augmenting and personalizing the user experience.

By helping cut down on the annoying process of back and forth emails or calls, the chatbot actually helped in making the experience more human. For Smart Sure (or basically any company) - the most important company goal is exceptional customer service. They were able to deliver on that goal and more - thanks to WotNot.


In just a matter of 90 days, WotNot was able to generate -

  • 248 SQLs

  • Reduced response time by 83%

  • 9500+ Conversations handled

While the typical lead forms may assist you in hitting a part of your lead generation goals, conversations with your customers or prospects can help you not only generate leads, but also build relationships that will have a lasting impact on your brand. Because, when everything is said and done, the experience is what matters the most.


SQLs generated


Increase in response time


Conversations handled

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