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With WotNot, Sterling Accuris Diagnostics births a new channel for lead gen

Manish Jobanputra

General Manager - Operations

Sterling Accuris Diagnostics

Sterling Accuris Diagnostics is a sister concern of Sterling Hospitals, which is one of the largest chains of corporate hospitals in Gujarat. Being one of the fastest-growing pathology laboratory chains in India, and also NABL* and CAP** accredited it has emerged as the most comprehensive and one of the fastest-growing pathology laboratory chains in India, providing reliable and dependable services to individuals, hospitals and corporates.

With a dedicated National Reference Laboratory and an impressive network of laboratories, it offers more than 2000 different kinds of tests, using the most advanced state-of-the-art technology supported by highly skilled professionals. In its everyday operations, Sterling Accuris Diagnostics conducts thousands of tests with utmost precision






Ahmedabad, India



Having started out in 2015, Sterling Accuris faced major competition from behemoths like Dr. Lalpathlabs, SRL Diagnostics, Oncquest Laboratories and more. Although the service offerings and quality were more or less the same as these large pathology chains, Sterling’s market share was low. They were struggling in generating awareness, and new business effectively through scalable models.

With the hospital chain being very well-known in the state of Gujarat, it definitely helped in bringing some traffic to Sterling Accuris Diagnostics, but they needed to scale quickly.

Sterling Accuris Diagnostics had already started implementing the usual marketing campaigns spanning radio and TV ads, coupled with hoardings across the state. However, in order to differentiate themselves from the market of pathology chains, Manish Jobanputra, General Manager of Operations, began his search for a tool or process to add to his marketing stack.

The goal was to generate more brand awareness and business revenue through digital channels, while being able to show actual ROI on ad spend.

We needed to generate more leads and appointments for our pathology centres, and get more people to install and use our mobile application.


While Manish was searching for a solution, WotNot had approached them with a custom lead generation chatbot solution that addressed this problem statement. There was an instant connect between both the teams with respect to the requirements along with expected output. The custom chatbot was added to the marketing stack, to improve conversions and improve lead generation across digital ad campaigns.

The first step in getting started with this project was to design the conversation flow of the chatbot. The idea was to develop a watertight conversational funnel, which would guide and recommend users on the different tests they could opt for, based on their medical profile. The chatbot was trained on recommending tests as per different age groups, health status, ailments, medical profile, and assisting users in booking an appointment with the nearest lab.

The conversation experience worked in the following manner -

  1. The bot would auto-open, when a user lands on the website after 30 seconds.

  2. Once opened either manually/automatically, the user receives a greeting message with the bot educating them on Sterling Accuris’ different tests, and what it could do to help the users.

  3. The user opts in to get information on tests, and requests recommendations.

  4. The bot then asks the user for their age, risk area, existing medical conditions, and then subsequently shows different options in a carousel.

  5. The carousel would cover all the details of a specific test along with the pricing.

  6. After the user selects a particular test, the bot would ask the user for their city, provide the address of different labs, and book an appointment date.

  7. These details along with the full chat history would then be sent out to Sterling Accuris’ sales team.

To target both new and returning visitors, WotNot triggered visitor auto messages based on page visited, time on page, and geographic location. The messaging was tailored to the context of the page, and invites users to start a conversation if they have any questions.

Furthermore, to avoid any leakages in leads, Sterling Accuris’ sales team would receive a CSV file of the details collected, in the last 24 hours, by the bot everyday at 8 AM.

With the chatbot, the sales team had a steady influx of inquiries for their tests, and would immediately get in touch with the prospects, as soon as they would receive the email from the bot.The project turned out to be a resounding success, and everyone at Sterling Accuris were happy with the results and ROI that the chatbot provided.


It’s a modern, highly personalized, and convenient chat experience. It is very similar to someone sitting right next to you, and helping you out with your questions.

In just 90 days of going live, here’s what Sterling Accuris was able to achieve by implementing WotNot’s custom chatbot -

  • 3600+ conversations

  • 2950 minutes saved

  • 220+ appointments fulfilled

  • ₹6.5L business value generated

Being focused on launching their new web-based portal to select and book a test, it was evident that the chatbot had a bigger role to play in assisting prospects/customers in booking their tests. The next step is to now expand the chatbot’s use case to be able to upload/download reports via PDF, and give even more personalized test recommendations via a symptom-based recommendation engine.


Conversations handled by the bot


Appointments fulfilled


Business value generated

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