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How an Artist used an AI-bot for customer engagement on website

Ajit Padmanabh


World Void Web

Ajit Padmanabh is the founder of the site World Void Web. An engineer by the mind but a musician at heart, Ajit was a part of the corporate hustle for a good 18 years. But with an ingrained passion for music, Ajit is on a mission to create and produce instrumental music on his site that blends metal, classical rock, Indian classical, and Western Fusion genres.





Bangalore, India



As an artist, one always strives for audience engagement, regardless of their platform. People, fans, and upcoming artists follow musicians on social media platforms, attend their concerts, and religiously look forward to connecting with them to bond over the shared passion and listen to their latest creations; and as a result, musicians constantly strive to build relationships in their communities. 

Ajit’s goal was on similar grounds- to break barriers between him and his audience, but he wanted to do so on his website. While engaging with his audience, he’s always looked for a way to give back to the audience in a way that leaves them content. After the launch of his site, ‘World Void Web,’ Ajit faced the constant hardship of educating his audience about his genres which are so unique by themselves and make his music accessible to his audience. This is a common challenge that independent artists encounter on online platforms. Ajit lives and breaths music, and with so much to be said to so many, a scalable yet personal platform was needed to have grounded, authentic conversations with many visitors. 


Ajit was no stranger to chatbots. He started his career in IT and spent a good 13 years moving up the hierarchical ladder to become a product manager. He’s had the experience of deploying bots for clients and was very well aware of its benefits. To engage people on his website and educate them about his music, he felt that a chatbot would be the perfect medium for having scalable personalized conversations. With a clear vision in mind, he approached WotNot to provide a chatbot solution for his website. 

Chatbots have varied use-cases in business verticals, but we rarely hear about their use-cases amongst individuals and artists. However, Ajit has always believed art and tech should coexist with each other. 

“There are a lot of independent artists in India, and across the world, millions of them, with little differentiation. How would their website visitors be attracted to their artistry? The answer for me was chatbots”

Every artist has a story to tell, and Ajit believed chatbots would help him convey his. WotNot developed an AI bot for Ajit’s website, which talks with the visitors, answers their questions, helps them search his songs, and simply has a conversation about music and its various forms. 

Voidaphone - The AI Chatbot 

Ajit named his bot Voidaphone, a name that originates from his website, stemming from the science that void can only be heard and not seen. Embedding his philosophy in his chatbot helped him form a deep connection with his audience since it reflects him as an artist. 

WotNot integrated Dialogflow to build an AI Bot for Ajit’s website, the World Void Web. Dialogflow is an advanced Natural processing Engine that recognizes the intent of the user and responds accordingly. For example, if the visitor asks, “What kind of music do you like to listen to?” The NLP identifies the intent, which in this case is ‘music.’ Ajit has recorded a response in advance that is automatically replied after the intent is recognized.

The bot covered everything that the audience could be curious about, such as:

  • The backstory of the musician

  • What are his primary music interests

  • What are his songs about

  • Where can the user listen to the songs

The bot answered all such questions to any number of visitors at any given time or day, and a dry sense of humour was its added benefit. 


Ajit was astounded with the results that an AI bot delivered, so much so that he thinks a chatbot is a self-sufficient tool in itself, eliminating the need for even a website. It performs all the functions of a website but in a more vocalized and engaging way. Every visitor enjoyed a personal interaction with the musician, which dramatically increased the engagement rate. Within just a few months, Ajit witnessed the following results from deploying an AI chatbot through WotNot. 

  • 400+ Messages

  • 55+ conversations

  • 2.8 Avg goals achieved per conversation

The power of the chatbot is not just in communicating with the audience. Artists can also sell their merchandise using WotNot with internal integration and keep their visitors on their site, rather than directing them to an online store.” 

The future roadmap of Ajit is to continuously improvise the bot and also deploy it on his social media handles. He also has thought of various other use-cases where he thinks WotNot can help him retain his site visitors and achieve his goal of audience engagement.






Avg goals achieved per conversation

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