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Zaveri Realty generates $7.3M in pipeline value with WotNot

Vishal Saini

Head - Sales and Marketing

Zaveri Realty

Zaveri Realty is one of the most iconic real estate developers in Ahmedabad, India and carries a long, glittering legacy of numerous decades. The company was established with the philosophy of excellence, innovation and sustainability in the real estate industry and has made a significant impact on thousands of lives through all the projects they have undertaken and built across residential, commercial and the retail development sector.


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Ahmedabad, India



Being in the highly competitive market of real estate in Ahmedabad, Zaveri Realty pumped in a lot of money on redesigning their website, executing outbound marketing, but still felt short on one aspect i.e. quality leads. Although their quality of construction and brand image needed no introductions, they were lacking in being able to generate leads via digital marketing for their sales teams. Cold calling prospects from lists, and bulk-SMS campaigns were bringing poor results, which in-turn resulted in poor use of marketing spend.

In the effort to tackle this issue head on, Vishal Saini, Sales and Marketing Head of Zaveri Realty was actively looking for a modern and proven way of generating Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). Vishal knew that the tried and tested traditional approaches of real estate marketing like bulk-SMS, and newspaper ads were not just invasive, but also extinct, and were used by every other competitor out there.

Another major challenge for Vishal was showcasing the ROI of Zaveri’s marketing campaigns during quarterly board meetings. There’s no way you can have numbers for how many site visits did a banner/hoarding generate, or how many visitors did the SMS-campaigns bring in. The lack of showcasing optimum ad-attribution towards the bottom line was a glaring issue - something that needed to be fixed quickly.


On his search for a solution that could address these problem statements, Vishal came across the conversational marketing and support platform - WotNot. Although he was skeptical about the results it would bring, Vishal wanted to run a pilot project with WotNot, by creating a custom lead generation chatbot for Zaveri Realty’s corporate website.

Being a real estate developer, Zaveri’s main aim was to sell properties across residential and commercial units. In order to do this, real estate developers set up sample apartments/open houses at the construction site with fancy decors, and create stunning brochures to wow their prospects.

As part of WotNot’s done-for-you service, Vishal and his team had to invest little to no time in the project. The WotNot team designed a conversational flow such that all of Zaveri’s 7 ongoing projects would be added to the bot and be displayed as carousels. This made it very easy for prospects to see which property matched their exact requirements. The bot was trained with a recommendation logic wherein it would showcase units that were aligned with the prospect’s needs and expectations.

Also, the real estate chatbot gave users the opportunity to select a carousel related to a property, and see the most commonly viewed things like amenities, floorplan, brochures, image gallery and more. This way visitors wouldn’t have to browse through a long website with multiple clicks to find what they’re interested in, but rather have the bot filter out things for them whenever they needed it.

Their goal with the chatbot was to create the most personalized, and immersive buying experience possible, so that they can connect with prospects on their site better. In order to achieve the main aim of generating leads, the chatbot would ask for the prospect’s contact details during their conversation, and also allow them to schedule a site visit for a property. Email notifications would immediately alert Zaveri’s sales team with these details, which allowed them to jump directly into stage 2 of the conversation with the prospects and engage with them further.

After a few short weeks the Zaveri team was seeing major success. Their sales team was seeing “the best leads” come through WotNot, and conversion via the website as a channel was higher than ever.

Although the chatbot had started generating leads for Zaveri, the WotNot team thought of taking it one step further, and increasing the MQLs to supercharge the sales pipeline. To increase conversion rate optimization on the website, WotNot enabled a setting to auto-open the chat window after 30 seconds of prospects coming to the website. This way, the visitor would be prompted, and instinctively would respond back to the bot. For a repeat user on the website, the bot was configured with custom logic, where it wouldn’t auto-open the chat window, but rather show a pop-up message on the chat bubble.

With these engagement settings, prospects had a personalized user experience, where the chatbot assisted them with all the details they needed, on any and all units just like a sales rep would. Except for the fact that, the chatbot did this, round-the-clock, with multiple visitors.


One year into WotNot’s real estate chatbot going live, the proof was undeniable. Zaveri’s marketing team was able to show optimum ROI on their ad-spend with WotNot’s conversion. WotNot was now their #1 source of highly qualified leads as compared to other channels.

  • $7.3M in pipeline from WotNot

  • 2800+ conversations handled

  • 190+ hours saved

  • 5.86% increase in conversion rate on website

Vishal is really happy with the results brought in by the chatbot. As next steps, he plans on overhauling their current marketing strategy to focus more on inbound, and drive more traffic to the website to increase conversion. The chatbot will also be integrated with their outbound marketing campaigns via QR codes on their newspaper ads/hoardings, and links to the chatbot on their bulk-SMS campaigns.


Generated in pipeline with WotNot


Hours saved


Increase in conversion rate on website

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