Build Interactive Bots with FAQ Builder

Turn answering boring Q&A’s into a conversational experience. Build a smart knowledge base and only transfer those conversations that truly require human assistance.


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Power your FAQ bot with a Knowledge Base

Your FAQ bot has an AI-powered knowledge base where you can create intents, utterances, and responses. With this automate answering the most commonly asked queries, helping you elevate the customer experience.

Handover to an agent, when absolutely necessary

FAQ bots act like the first line of defense for your agents by resolving all commonly asked queries and only transfer those chats which absolutely require their involvement. As bots take over answering boring and mundane queries, you can expect higher productivity from agents.

Supervise Learning for Better Performance

Building a smart chatbot is an iterative process. Like teaching a child, you keep training the bot to learn from new phrases and the ones it failed to answer. As a result, your bot keeps improving its accuracy in resolving queries.

Improve Conversational Experiences with Feedback

Know how well your FAQ Bot is trained and gather user feedback by getting a thumbs up or a thumbs down for each response the bot provides. Analyze this feedback data to improvise the knowledge base with better responses.

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The complete end-to-end Solution

The complete end-to-end Solution

Leverage our years of experience building smart bots across industries and jump-start your bot deployment. From research, design, development, deployment and optimization, our experts do everything with a complete done-for-you service.


Building bots no more means spending big bucks and burning a hole in your pocket. Our team of bot experts understand your needs and tailor-make your bot solution, all at affordable prices.
Faster time to delivery

Faster time to delivery

Allow us to take care of the bot development, where our active team of bot experts delivers your project in quick sprints. Our experience allows us to swiftly deliver your solutions.

Automate your first-level support with FAQ bots today!