Human Handover

Take the reigns from your bot when it can’t seem to handle a difficult conversation with a human handover

3000+ customers cannot be wrong

Address Complex Queries

You’ll always have customer’s looking for something that your bot isn’t quite trained for or isn’t capable of answering. With WotNot’s human handover feature, you get to provide real-time responses with an SLR timer on every chat and saved replies for quick answers. You can also add notes for other agents to keep them in the loop for every customer conversation. The human handover helps you access the driver’s seat and steer the bot’s conversation when it goes ‘off-road’ without losing a customer in real-time.

Humanize the Conversations

With bots, you get to scale one-on-one communication; however, in certain situations, agents can really humanise your brand and personalise the experience. Customer satisfaction is something all businesses should strive for. We, at WotNot, get it and make sure you don’t lose your potential customers with just one flip of the switch.

Seamless Transition & Conversation Routing

With WotNot’s simple & intuitive interface, you can easily switch over from bot to human and vice - versa with just a click. More than that, you can route the chat to the right team that can specifically address customer problem. This way, a customer looking for support will be directed to the customer support team, and a new lead generated will be directed to the sales team. This not just ensures team management but a smooth chat experience resulting in happy, satisfied customers.

Using WotNot’s Human Handover

Get a bird’s eye view into actionable data, and tweak your chatbot and livechat strategy by measuring it on the right KPIs.

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