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Strike up a conversation, and scale real time support over live chat. Forge a real connection with your customers looking for help across multiple channels. Personalized CX starts here.

3000+ customers cannot be wrong

Chatbot + Agent Console + Live Chat = All in One Place

View real-time chats from the bot or live chat across web, WhatsApp, Messenger or your app - all in one place within the agent console. WotNot’s live chat tool provides a direct line of contact to your sales and support teams.

Omni Channel

Omni Channel

Talk to customers across websites, WhatsApp, Messenger, mobile apps and more. Reach customers, wherever they are.
Conversation Routing

Conversation Routing

Automatically assign inquiries and chats to the right people in your team, based on their current chat load and skill levels.
Modern Live Chat Tool

Modern Live Chat Tool

With rich media support and integrations, provide a seamless messaging experience to all end users.

Agent or Team Transfers

Chatting with a customer who has a specific request? Route conversations to colleagues across departments via the live chat’s agent console. Categorize as well as collaborate on chats based on topics, and balance the workload across your team members via limits on the number of chats/agent.

Chatbot to Livechat Handover

You can always have a chatbot deployed to address FAQs and other common scenarios. However, a bot is only as good as it is trained, and may not be able to cover everything. In cases where a human involvement is necessary, invoke the handover with the click of a button, or set conditions to trigger it automatically.

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View Qualification Details

Get in-depth information about who you are chatting with right within the live chat tool. View rich customer profiles and qualification details ranging from geo-location, channel, e-mail and more to add context and personalization to your conversation.

Manage your agents

Provide live chat access to your teammates so that they can leverage WotNot to jump into any conversation when they find the need to do so. As an admin you can always view all the conversations handled by your team of agents.

View Historical Conversations

Customers can have multiple conversations with your bot or agent(s). WotNot’s live chat tool helps you keep a track of all historical conversations, so you have all the information you need grouped by customer(s).

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