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View real-time chats from the bot or Live Chat across the web, WhatsApp, Messenger, or your app - all in one place within the Live Chat interface.

Enhanced Chat Routing

Enhanced Chat Routing

Automatically assign inquiries and chats not just to the right person but also to the right team that is best equipped to help your customer! Is your visitor a first-time user? Then direct them to the sales team. Does the user want a query resolved? Direct them to customer support.
Quick Problem Resolution

Quick Problem Resolution

Your agents would now see an SLA on their screen. This timer will notify them about the time they have to resolve/reply to a query. They can also save replies and add labels to chats leading to a swift problem resolution.
Efficient Lead Management

Efficient Lead Management

Give identities to anonymous website visitors and effectively manage every new and existing visitor. WotNot’s live chat automatically builds a profile based on user inputs as well as automatically generated inputs, helping you record appropriate visitor information and eventually convert them into leads.

Reply in a Single Click

  • Save common answers to provide quick responses.
  • Facilitate every agent to save their own replies that they frequently send.
  • Have consistency in replies regardless of who sends them!

Route Conversations to the Right Team(s)

  • Exemplify customer support with conversation routing.
  • Assign the right chat to the right team via the live chat’s agent console.
  • Allow your customers to speak to the person that can best help them.

Chat on the Go

  • Provide real-time responses through live chat on mobile devices.
  • Connect with customers anytime, anywhere.
  • Offer in-app customer support and boost conversion rates.

Enriched Visitor Properties

  • Get detailed information of who you’re chatting with right within the live chat tool.
  • Get auto-generated user-input properties (geo-location, channel, e-mail) and system-generated properties (number of visits, pages viewed, and returning users) that help you add context to your conversations.
  • Hide and rearrange properties according to your convenience and use-case.

Provide Timely Replies

  • Know the visitor status and engage with them when they’re online.
  • Set a Service Level Agreement timer according to your company standards to provide timely responses.
  • Improve productivity by ending chats when visitors leave.

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