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What can WotNot offer a PMC?

Have real-time conversations with your rental prospects and tenants. Automate your property leasing, maintenance, and property customer support with WotNot.

Add-on to existing software

You won’t have to change anything about your current tech stack. You can build your property management chatbot on WotNot and deploy it independently without any coding experience and integrate it with your already existing property management software.

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Automate complaint tickets

Water leaks don’t always arise during office hours on weekdays. Your property management chatbot can support your complaints registrations during off working hours, where your tenants can generate maintenance tickets at any time of the day on WotNot. It’s quick, reliable, and responsive.

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Provide 24/7 Maintenance

Your property management chatbot can provide automated responses to basic maintenance issues. Be it a blocked sink or changing a light bulb, WotNot can be trained to provide solutions to do-it-yourself tasks by sending informative videos and information regardless of the time and day.

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Generate multifamily leads

WotNot doesn’t just generate rental leads; it qualifies them through engaging conversations. WotNot can segment your audience, understand their requirements, and predict their position in the buying journey.

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Schedule Alerts and Reminders

WotNot can act as a virtual landlord for you that provides your tenants with city-wide announcements, rental reminders, property-related information, property visit reminders, maintenance request updates, and inspection calls.

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