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A free plan with limitations, almost non-existent analytics dashboards, and local customizations are reasons businesses look at Zoho SalesIQ alternatives for their lead generation and support needs.

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Meet WotNot : Your alternative to Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ is a popular neighborhood kid with superficial features and extensive limitations. The tool has no ready-to-use functionality, from a pricing model that satisfies no pocket to an analytics dashboard that needs to be integrated. You will need external help for sure.

WotNot, the supercharged alternative to Zoho SalesIQ, makes life easy for businesses. With the no-code editor, you can simply add/delete the features and get started.

Check out why WotNot is your go-to Zoho SalesIQ alternative for chatbots. 

Reason #1

In-built Analytics that Speeds Up Decision Making

Unlike Zoho SalesIQ, you get the in-built Chatbot analytics as part of the free plan. You don’t need to move out of your tool to better understand your customers or pay more to access the data & build insights. You can even download the excel sheet and access weekly reports to enhance decision-making.

Reason #2

Get Extensive Features with your Free Plan

Zoho SalesIQ’s free plan is as good as useless because they don't offer customizations or chat volumes as needed. On the other hand, you get unlimited seats, greater flexibility, limitless customizations, and better flow-building capability with WotNot. Where Zoho gives you 100 chat volumes in a month, you get 1000 conversations with WotNot, the alternative to Zoho SalesIQ.

Reason #3

Intuitive and Advanced Bot Builder

Zoho's lackluster and dull bot builder interface is quickly replaced with an intuitive, usable, and user-friendly interface in WotNot. With WotNot, you can improve the conversations using several inherent features. It is easy to set up and swift with navigation. You get all advanced features such as images and videos with this Zoho SalesIQ alternative.

Reason #4

Personalization that Meets Your Needs

With limited customization capabilities and no pre-built customization templates, it is time to move away from Zoho SalesIQ. WotNot offers businesses elaborate pre-built customization templates that allow flexibility and scalability. You can add integrations, responses, and customizations as needed with this alternative to Zoho SalesIQ.

Take an in-depth look at the differences between Zoho SalesIQ and WotNot to make the right decision

wotnot logo
Sales IQ logo
Starting Planhelper icon
Seatshelper icon
Billing Frequencyhelper icon
Free Planhelper icon
Annual cost for 10 seatshelper icon
Cost for new seat helper icon
Transparent Pricing Planhelper icon
Setup & Support
Target Customershelper icon
All businesses
All businesses
Personalised Onboardinghelper icon
Implementation Servicehelper icon
On-premise Deploymenthelper icon
Custom Integrationshelper icon
Time to implementhelper icon
< 1 hour
Training Sessionshelper icon
On-site Traininghelper icon
Managed Serviceshelper icon
SLA to requestshelper icon
< 8 hours
Time to respond to ticketshelper icon
Few hours
24/7 supporthelper icon
Unlimited Chatbotshelper icon
Template Repositoryhelper icon
Test Environmenthelper icon
No-code experiencehelper icon
Branding removalhelper icon
Chat widget customizationhelper icon
Facebook Messenger Channelhelper icon
WhatsApp Channelhelper icon
SMS Channelhelper icon
Invoke REST APIhelper icon
Rendering carouselshelper icon
Version Managementhelper icon
Auto Layouthelper icon
Create Subflowshelper icon
Broadcast messageshelper icon
Customized responseshelper icon
Analytics Dashboard
Drill-down propertieshelper icon
Data export as CSVhelper icon
API Connectorshelper icon
CSAT Ratinghelper icon
Pipeline Generatedhelper icon
Custom KPIshelper icon
Integration with BI toolshelper icon
Weekly analytics reporthelper icon
Live Chat
Live Chathelper icon
Saved Replieshelper icon
Advanced Filteringhelper icon
Related Conversationshelper icon
APIshelper icon
Labelshelper icon
Team Routinghelper icon
Mobile Apphelper icon
Third-party Integrationshelper icon

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