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Top 10 Software for Lead Generation Automation in 2023

January 16, 2023

Bhavyadeep Sinh Rathod

Content Editor, WotNot

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Quality leads = better conversions = profitable business

Sales qualified leads can help grow your business and increase the bottom line. Most business owners believe this tactic requires more manpower and time. However, investing in the right tools can remove the heavy lifting from generating leads and increasing business profits.

Investing in tools need not be expensive at all times. Some tools can garner more business without eating into your budget.

This guide will take you through the need for lead generation and why businesses should automate the process. We have also curated top tools you can use in 2023 to generate high-quality leads.

What is B2B Lead Generation?

B2B lead generation is an effective method that allows businesses to identify relevant prospects for the business and nurture them towards conversion. It is used to grow your customer base organically.

Instead of using active sales methods to drive the prospect to the business, they use inbound strategies such as landing pages, web content and forms to pull the customers. The strategy changes in tune with the buyer’s journey and their lifecycle stage.

Let’s check out the top benefits of B2B lead generation:

Improve Revenue

With the right lead generation techniques, you can improve your targeted marketing. This in turn improves the number of sales qualified leads that can increase conversions impacting business revenue.

Excellent Lead Quality

When you work along the lead generation path, you don't send out messages to everyone; you send out marketing material that is relevant to the audience and make them move along the sales funnel.

Improve Visibility

With the apt organic lead generation strategies, you can expand your reach and visibility in the target market. This gives you an opportunity to improve your customer base.

Understand the Customers

You know your customers, have enough data to guide your marketing campaigns. With such targeted marketing campaigns, you can reduce the need for cold calling.

Need for Lead Generation Automation Software

Lead generation is a toiling but important task. Without leads, you don’t have any clients, hence no profits. Many businesses are employing various automation techniques to automate lead generation.

If you are also contemplating using lead generation automation software in 2023? Here are all the reasons why your business needs the software solution. 

Better Targeting

Instead of pitching to clients, spending time cold calling and getting nothing in return, you can spend time converting the qualified leads. This will improve the outcomes for the sales team.

Increased Efficiency

Imagine spending time creating curated emails and letters for each lead that you have identified. It can be time consuming, leaving no time to focus on real sales work. That’s why you need automation software. It will help personalize the workflow, automate the emails and ensure better efficiency.

Takes Marketing to Next Level

With the perfect best practices implemented while catering to technology, you can improve marketing efforts. It will help optimize your campaigns, plan your marketing finely and ensure smooth outcomes. 

10 Lead Generation Automation Software in 2023

Now, you have realized the importance of lead generation automation software. Let’s have a look at the list of top 10 lead generation automation software that you must consider in 2023.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is a leading lead generation automation software that helps SMBs, SaaS-based companies and enterprises. It enhances marketing automation by integrating the different tools such as form builders, email and marketing into Hubspot’s CRM.

The tools can easily move the contacts through the lifecycle to improve targeting and enhance the marketing outcomes. 

The Key Features

  • Specific hubs that can help with sales, marketing and customer relationship management

  • Pre-built email templates, scheduling and tracking of marketing assets

  • Marketing analytics and reporting system for quality insights

  • In-built social media management 


  • Easy to build landing pages, web pages and web forms

  • Automate the lead generation workflows for greater productivity

  • Personalize the data and improve targeting for better conversions


  • The most significant features are available in the pro versions

  • It is slightly on the expensive side

  • You will need to integrate the different HubSpot tools to maximize the benefits

2. WotNot

WotNot is a lead generation automation software that helps businesses interact with their current and future prospects effectively. You can create a chatbot that meets unique business goals and objectives with a drag & drop interface.

As a multilingual and omni-channel bot, it allows you to increase your reach and visibility. By using WotNot to manage your customer support, you can scale your resources and automate appointment scheduling, and  improve business productivity. 

The Key Features

  • Reach customers on WhatsApp and SMS with the perfectly delivered outbound bot strategies

  • Let’s humans take charge of the conversations that cannot be controlled by bots to offer more interactive solutions

  • Create FAQs and knowledge base to improve your support availability and enhance experiences



  • Might need expert intervention for specific features

  • Available for Facebook, WhatsApp and SMS. Needs to add more channels

3. Overloop

Overloop is one of the best lead generation automation software that helps businesses with prospecting. It offers excellent outreach capabilities, automates the marketing functions and generates the outreach checklist to meet your lead generation requirements.

You can create customized campaigns, improve your customer relationship management and manage the lead lifecycle from a single place.

The Key Features

  • Excellent list building and management capabilities

  • Import contacts from a wide range of databases including LinkedIn

  • Create cold emails, and manage outbound activities with pre-built templates

  • Get complete visibility into the sales pipeline and workflows with drag-n-drop interface

  • One-click reporting and insights to help determine campaign performances


  •  Easy integration with communication and collaboration tools like Slack and HubSpot

  • Create specific outbound tasks for the sales agents to enhance lead generation

  •  Increased productivity with automated workflows 

  • Easy to evaluate the performance of your team


  • Emails are sent in small batches of 100

  • Slightly expensive tool

  • Customer service is not intuitive

4. Leadpages

Create a winning landing page to get maximum visitor information and improve the targeting for your business with Leadpages. This lead generation automation software allows you to create popups and landing pages using DIY tools.

It helps translate every visitor into a sales qualified lead that matches your needs. The software has all the tools you need to capture relevant email addresses for effective targeting. 

The Key Features

  • Allows you to create high converting and impactful websites with pre-built templates

  • DIY and low-coding landing pages to convert your visitors into prospects

  • Integrate with top analytics tools to get insights into your customers


  • Extensive support from the customer executives 

  • Drag-n-drop interface builders that help build effective assets for your business

  • Integration with the CRM tools for nurturing and targeted marketing


  • Limited customization options

  • Friction in user experiences

5. Unbounce

Unbounce is a leading lead generation automation tool that allows you to create web and landing pages with minimal efforts. The drag-n-drop interface enhances the overall experience.

You can easily increase the contact lists and conduct A/B testing to create the high-converting landing pages. Get maximum visitors and improve the number of sales qualified leads for your business. It is a complete box of all the necessary tools that can improve your marketing outcomes.

The Key Features

  • Create impactful and high converting landing pages with drag-n-drop interface

  • Build the copy that can help you gain maximum traction with AI copywriting

  • Create the pop ups and sticky bars to garner attention and improve nurturing

  • Create an efficient sales pipeline that gives you complete visitor information for improved nurturing


  • Complete A/B testing to create high-converting and effective landing pages

  • Integrate your forms with CRM software to improve sales qualified leads and improve nurturing

  • Usable and interactive interface


  • Not effective for customizations

  • Need expert intervention for specific development

6. WPForms

WPForms drag and drop landing page and web form builder is one of the leading marketing automation software that can improve conversions. You can create anything from newsletters to forms using no-code tools.

The responsive interface allows you to build the pages for numerous devices and form factors. Collect complete visitor data and improve your targeting with relevant nurturing and marketing strategies.

The Key Features 

  • Drag and drop interface builder for quick and easy page development

  • Get notified on the latest features and updates instantly

  • Use smart condition logic to develop high-performing forms that convert better

  • Use spam protection tools to avoid spam data

  • Create long and multi-page forms with splits for better detail collection

  • Great integrations with a wide range of CRM and other software tools


  • Drag-n-drop editor for hassle-free intuitive interface development

  • Excellent customer support 

  • Conditional formatting allows the customers to fill out relevant details thus making it less tedious


  • Plugin for Wordpress website only

  • Expensive with limited features

7. OptinMonster

Capture every visitor entering the website and convert them into sales qualified leads with this automated lead generation software.

It is a conversion optimization kit that helps businesses create popups, targeted pages, and landing pages for impactful outcomes. The several features in the product helps you grow your email list sustainably.

The Key Features

  • A drag-n-drop builder that helps with no-code form or page development

  • Helps optimize the popups for mobile interfaces

  • Create unique and personalized campaigns to garner maximum attention with tools such as popups

  • Automate the workflows to marketing easy and targeted


  • Enables integrations to streamline your marketing automation requirements

  • Offers easy-to-use triggers to maximum conversions

  • Create campaigns for the mobile users


  • Limited customization possibilities

  • The pricing is high if you want to explore reporting features

8. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is one of the finest marketing automated lead generation software that can help you identify every business that visits your website. It uncovers the names of the companies and prospects to help you improve your pipeline conversion.

This tool helps identify the sales-qualified leads for your business. 

The Key Features

  • Converts anonymous people into actual businesses and people that are interested in your business

  • Customized segmentation to identify the sales qualified leads for your business

  • Directly communicate with the decision makers for best conversions

  • Connects with LinkedIn to integrate the contacts


  • Helps determine the quality of your website

  • Impressive user interface

  • Ability to segment your leads into sales qualified and marketing qualified


  • The price is very high considering the total features available aren’t too many

  • Several companies aren’t available in the database

9. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is one of the best lead generation automation software solutions that helps businesses identify and nurture prospects.

This tool determines the real time job changes and keeps track of the prospects for your company. It leverages a shared network to improve the conversion pipeline.

The Key Features

  • Integrates with InMail to help connect with 500 million LinkedIn members to improve prospecting and sales

  • Access content without downloading using the intelligent links presentation

  • Get detailed understanding of who viewed your profile and why to improve nurturing


  • Offers pre-built templates to send out cold emails

  • Comprehensive database with excellent filters

  • Get complete information and integrate it with your CRM


  • Can be tedious and time-consuming for the sales team

  • Expensive among the outbound tools

  • Insights may not be all accurate

10. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses convert every email into a revenue-generating customer. You can track the clicks, open and even the sales generated from these emails.

Apart from the emails, this tool allows businesses to create landing pages, effective digital ads and impactful social media posts that can improve the lead generation. It is an “all from one place” type of marketing tool.

The Key Features

  • Automations that help the businesses send out the right messages at the right time

  • Create more engaging and usable content through the AI assistants

  • Drag-n-drop interface to create effective and impactful landing pages

  • Pre-built templates to make emails engaging and delightful

  • Easy segmentation with the audience management tool

  • Excellent integrations with CRM, ERP etc. for data transfer


  • Usable and interactive interface

  • Pre-built templates that make it design friendly

  • Easy to use 

  • Multiple integration options available


  • Email deliverability is a concern

  • To design effective emails, you need to integrate with third-party tools

Top Tips to Choose the Lead Generation Automation Software

It is very crucial to choose a software solution that translates your marketing requirements into the desired workflow. From creating the emailers to planning social media campaigns and integration with CRM, there are several things the automation software can help with. Let’s take a look at the key things to consider when investing in an automation software. 

Usability - How Easy is it for Users?

When you enter the software solution, it should be intuitive. The learning curve should be low. For example, a drag-n-drop interface offers several possibilities for the business owner to create marketing campaigns. Pre-built templates can help improve the software usability. If the software is based on a predefined learning curve, it can help in several ways. 

Customization Possibilities

What works for your business may not work for others. As a result, it is important for you to determine if the software solution will allow you to customize the landing pages or forms. You might want more details than your competition is willing to include. Look for automation software solutions that can help customize your lead generation capabilities.

Ability to Integrate

You should be able to integrate your software solution with the CRM, communication channels and other apps or software that you use in your enterprise. This will help generate qualified leads. For example, if your marketing software connects with the CRM, you can see the movement of the leads and pass it to the respective department.

Aligned to Your Goals

Businesses need to define their marketing goals before they begin looking for a software solution. The software should be aligned to these defined goals. For example, if you wish to improve your visibility, invest in a software that can offer you extensive reach and branding. 

Solves the Critical Business Issues

The resource crunch hurts your business in major ways. You are unable to determine if you should invest resources in designing the emails, providing the content or for some other purpose. The software solution can resolve these issues for your business and identify ways to automate the tedious and mundane tasks. It can help with automating the send time for the email with requisite personalization


Lead generation automation software can help increase productivity and create sustainable quality leads for your business. With the right software solution, you can accelerate your inbound marketing strategies and drive successful marketing outcomes.

Choosing the right solution can help you automate the right workflows, personalize the solutions and strengthen your sales pipeline. You can choose from the list of software mentioned for automated lead generation. Use the tips to make the right choice.


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