Chatbots for Universities and Educational Institutions

Streamline support, increase admissions and automate processes, without any human intervention, by leveraging conversational bots for your university.

Top Institutes using chatbot for education

Admission Process

  • Scale up your registration rates by solving student dilemmas instantly, round the clock.
  • Assist students through documentation guidelines, enrollment procedures, campus info.
  • Generate more admission inquiries, without increasing headcount.
  • Ideal assistant to any administrator who is inundated with the same questions all the time.

Course Recommendation

  • Personalized assistance to your students on the courses offered by your institution.
  • Instantly resolve students’ queries on course curriculum, duration, subject credits, internship opportunities and more!
Using the chatbot has helped us capture more leads, engage more users, and communicate more effectively.
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Marketing Manager
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Student Onboarding

  • FAQ Query Resolution for questions on orientation programs, campus visits, respective schedules, and upcoming events.
  • Omni Channel Presence across multiple channels such as website, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to meet students where they are making onboarding smooth.

University Finder

  • Secure more leads for your education consultancy.
  • Help students find the perfect university by easily matching their preferences based on cost, size, location, courses offered.
  • Conduct quizzes and tests directly via the university chatbot.

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Some more areas of interest

Student Support Point

Student Support Point

Offload the staff’s work of solving repetitive queries by automating conversations around campus service, accomodation, training and counseling sessions, timetables and more. With bots at work, your students need not wait for answers to their FAQs and obtain the information they are looking for immediately.


Collect students’ feedback through conversations on learning sessions, campus environment, course improvement, and analyse the feedback to make necessary changes.University chatbots pave the way to collect 360-degree feedback quickly in the form of a conversation.
Enhanced Student Engagement

Enhanced Student Engagement

Provide a conducive learning environment for students. Chatbots provide an interactive platform for students to ask questions, get instant updates and solve their doubts by enabling teachers to reach, teach and counsel their students on-the-go.
Learning Assistant

Learning Assistant

Using AI, education chatbots can provide students with learning material in an interactive manner on any topic, help them learn quicker through visuals, speech or video and evaluate their responses to gauge their learning.
Teacher’s Assistant

Teacher’s Assistant

Deploy a bot capable of addressing frequent queries on lesson plans, deadlines, assessment models and assist your teachers manage their hectic schedules. Answer all queries on-the-go and help your students pick up concepts quickly by making use of a creative pedagogical approach.
Quizzes and Tests

Quizzes and Tests

Take interactive learning to the next level. Conduct quizzes and tests directly via the university chatbot.

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