Empower digital transformation with a chatbot for banking & financial services

Deploy an intuitive financial services chatbot to provide personalized assistance, beyond banking hours. All with the power of conversational AI.

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Product & Service Guidance

Automate everything from enticing prospects to educating them throughout the lifecycle. Help your consumers get to the right banking and financial products, assist in risk profiling, and offer tailored services based on their persona.

Handling Financial Transactions

Be it an existing customer, or a prospect looking for information - your financial services chatbot can address any and all banking queries, and initiate all requests pertaining to financial transactions. With seamless integrations to terminals, payment processors and external systems, the availability of round-the-clock assistance through an intuitive conversational experience offers an unparalleled customer experience.
The marketing campaign was ROI positive due to the chatbot which helped engage thousands of users on the Messenger platform and connect with our brand.

Mustafa Hotelwala

Sr. Dgtl. Project Manager

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Your Personal Accountant

Right from checking your balances, your profit margins for Q2, tracking your trades, to evaluating your monthly mortgage statements, there’s a lot that your financial services chatbot can offer through seamless integrations with your accounts and investment portfolio.

24x7 Support - Internal and External

A large part of support calls involve employees, contractors, suppliers and customers asking the same set of questions again and again. A banking and financial services chatbot, embedded with a knowledge base of FAQs, can be used to answer these questions, and create a far more robust as well as satisfactory experience for not just the customers, but also internal employees.

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Some more areas of interest

Saving Man Hours

With a banking chatbot handling process around almost any banking activity, it is bound to save a lot of manual effort and human hours, which can be utilised in tasks that are more mission critical or require a human touch.

Evaluating Risk Profile

Reduce financial fraud by having the banking services chatbot auto-qualify whether a customer or a prospect is eligible for a loan/investment, at scale.

Fetching Statements

With integrations to internal systems, your customers can fetch documents like account statements, balance sheets, no objection certificates and more directly through the chatbot, on the channel of their choice.

Loan/Investment Calculator & Planner

Let customers calculate their EMIs or investment returns directly through the bot, plan their investments as well as finances, and proceed with a highly personalized loan/investment application process.

Better Customer Insights

Analyse the interactions, queries and purchases of your customers. Make informed decisions on those insights for better customer engagement, relationship and loyalty.

Impressive Reach

Reach your customers where they are. Provide an omni-channel conversational experience on your website, Messenger, WhatsApp and SMS.

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