Streamline processes & improve access to care with a hospital chatbot

Deploy an omni-channel healthcare chatbot for your hospital, and relieve clinical burdens, automate support and out-patient care with round the clock assistance.
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Appointment Booking

Appointment Booking

Help patients schedule appointments and consultations directly through the bot. The bot can quickly connect a patient with the right specialist based on primary evaluation, and book an appointment based on the doctor’s availability.

Patient Engagement & Lead Generation

Use the hospital chatbot to scale up engagement and overall brand awareness by offering an omni-channel conversational experience. Deliver personalized information to the users based on their symptoms, and set up an appointment with the hospital’s GP for a consultation, all in one conversation, on the channel of their choice.
Patient Engagement
Healthcare Testimonial
Zydus Hospitals
Within nine months of going live, the hospital chatbot generated nearly 2,000 leads. It helped streamline sales opportunities to the internal team.

Himanshu Sharma

Lead International Relations

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Outpatient Care

Have the bot assist patients with their medical prescriptions, reports, billing details, explain procedural outcomes and recommend next steps at any instance. Send reminders for medication timings, physical therapy, and dates for their routine check-ups. Informed patients coupled with a proactive relationship with their healthcare provider is bound to lead to improved health, awareness, & streamlined service.

Billing & Registration

Integrate the backend billing and inventory with your hospital chatbot, and give patients quick access to invoices and your billing department. Let the healthcare chatbot address queries on claims, coverage, procedures and more - allowing your team to focus on mission critical tasks.
Billing Registration

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Some more areas of interest

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Reduce operational expenses and make your customer service scalable with efficient time management for staff, higher patient satisfaction and decreased staff burnout via automation.


Let the hospital bot effectively interpret as well as understand your patient’s symptoms, connect them with the right specialist, and save time during consultation with all the relevant details in place for the consulting specialist.
Automate Data Entry

Automate Data Entry

With a bot that is tightly integrated with the Hospital Information Management System, it can access different data silos and systems, and push or pull the necessary information in a secure manner, in complete compliance with all regulations.
Omni Channel

Omni Channel Presence

Give your patients/users access to your services, on the channel of their choice. Engage and grow brand awareness across website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and SMS.
Self Service

Self Service

Give your patients the option to self-service, by providing a two-way interaction based on text or voice input for quick access to information, issue resolution and access to health records, through a truly engaging and personalized conversational experience in real time.


Automate all level 1 customer service queries through the chatbot itself, and raise a service ticket or request a call back for other information.

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