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Reduce operational expenses, improve customer experience without increasing overhead with a virtual insurance manager.

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Customer Awareness & Education

Educate your prospects & existing customers about the benefits as well as application process while recommending the right policy for them. Increase your brand’s interaction & engagement through omni-channel conversational marketing.

Lead Profiling & Conversion

Scale the requirement gathering and lead qualification process seamlessly, by asking your prospects the right questions, and tagging them according to lead score on your CRMs. Help your sales team crush quota by generating high converting, sales qualified leads on auto-pilot. Round the clock.
The insurance sales and support bot helped us in reducing processing time by almost 60%. WotNot delivered a high-quality chatbot solution covering all important aspects of our business.

Chetan Mankar

Director - Operations

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Claim Processing & Payment Assistance

Eliminate the hassle of long call queues & TAT with a conversational interface that provides immediate assistance. Proactively reach out to your customers with important notifications like payment reminders, claim status and more.

Scale Customer Support

Tragedy can strike without notice. Areas like healthcare insurance, time is of the essence. Go beyond your operational hours to provide immediate & instant support to all customers when they need it the most.

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Some more areas of interest

Gentle Payment Reminders

Never miss out on reaching out to customers who are due or nearing their due date for a payment across multiple channels.

Premium/Savings Calculator

Benefits sell a product. Integrated with smart algorithms, your insurance chatbot can help prospects calculate the exact monthly premium or savings of a policy.

Collect Customer Feedback

Go beyond the traditional ways of feedback collection & make it more interactive as well as intuitive with the power of conversational AI.

Omni-Channel Presence

Be where your customers are. Deploy bots to provide round the clock assistance across web, Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS or IVR.

Automate Administrative Tasks

With integrations to CRMs and ERPs, streamline & automate the process of creating or updating records.

Multilingual experience

Offer a truly personalized experience by talking to your customers, in the language of their choice.

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Hours can be saved annually


Increase in website engagement


Increase in lead generation from website

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Scale your business with chatbots today

Free 14-day trial. No credit card required. Access all features.