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Realtors from different parts of India trust us with their lead generation process, you can also try our chatbot and witness the wonders it can create for you.

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Why choose WotNot?

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  • Code-free
  • Easy-to-deploy
  • Multichannel
  • Ready-to-use
  • Self learning

Code-free chatbots

WotNot is an easy to use software that you can customize using templates without any coding effort. An easy-to-graphical bot builder is our USP.


Easy to deploy & use

WotNot is not just easy-to-make, but also easy-to-deploy chatbot software. Anyone can deploy it independently without any coding help. You simply pick a template, add the script, and it’s live.


Multichannel presence

WotNot is your single point solution to manage customer conversations across multiple platforms such as website, FB pages, and WhatsApp.


Ready to use templates

Based on our research over time, we have developed a few excellent lead generation chatbot templates, which can be readily deployed.


Self-learning chatbot

WotNot is a self learning chatbot, which means it will learn on its own. It will get better at its conversations and more intelligent over-time.

Self learning

Start with our Ready-To-Use Templates

Why build bots from scratch when you could start using our ready-to-use real estate templates?

Real Estate Lead Generation Chatbot

Generate leads with our easy to use and deploy real-estate lead generation template.


Real Estate Developer Branding Chatbot

Create a long-lasting impression of your properties on your visitors with our branding template.


Real Estate Schedule Site Visit Chatbot

Schedule property tours with your visitors in minutes with our schedule site visit template.


What all can WotNot do for You

WotNot facilitates seamless communication with your visitors with its exceptional feature tool-kit.

Customized conversation

WotNot’s Real Estate Chatbot can be customized to have different conversation starters based on the page or time of the year. You can do it using our Graphical, Intuitive, no-code chatbot builder.

Qualify leads

WotNot will qualify leads based on goals that you want your customer to achieve. E.g., whether you want them to provide you contact information or watch a video; Wotnot will help your customer reach that goal.

Educate potential buyers

WotNot will educate your potential buyer on your property’s meta details such as floor plan, amenities, surrounding localities, and more. It can also give you analytics around what kind of images people watch.

Multi-channel engagement

WotNot is a single point solution to send out consistent communication to all customers across multiple channels such as website, FB, FB messenger, and WhatsApp.

Schedule site visits

WotNot is your sales rep; it will schedule a site visit for your prospect, collect contact information, and add it to CRM tools like a sales rep will do. WotNot can also be used to do follow-ups after the site visit.

Social media lead generation

WotNot’s Real Estate chatbot can initiate quick conversations with leads that you receive by running ads on social media. WotNot will quickly chat with them, gather their requirements and contact information, and qualify.

AI-enabled chatbots

WotNot being an AI-Enabled chatbot, possesses the ability to integrate with every NLP platform. Whether it may be Google Dialogflow or IBM Watson, you name it; we will integrate it.


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