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Leasing Assistant for
Multifamily Rentals

Automate marketing, sales, & customer service for your properties using engaging conversations with rental prospects

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No code Leasing Assistant for Multifamily Rentals

Trusted by over 3000+ businesses

Integrate with any property management software

Try integrating us with any software having an API and we will connect to it. CRM, Property Management software, anything

Formless Lead capture

Get rid of the boring forms! WotNot captures all the property leads’ information, so you don’t have to! It can capture your leads in a more fun and engaging way by providing instant responses facilitating a real-time conversation!

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Screen multifamily rental applications

WotNot doesn’t just generate rental leads; it qualifies them through engaging conversations. WotNot can segment your audience, understand their requirements, and predict their position in the buying journey.

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24*7 smooth customer service

With WotNot, there are no constraints to the number of customer complaints or time of receiving the complaint. WotNot will address it; 24X7*365 days!

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Superfast deployment

WotNot is easy to build & deploy with its lead generation and scheduling visit templates, which integrate strategic scripts leading to a productive conversation with prospective renters and tenants.

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Self Learning

WotNot gets smarter with time! After conversing with your visitors, WotNot can determine which property of yours is more popular, what location your customers prefer, the average budget of your prospects, and other crucial information.

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